WATCH: Mums Lip-Sync Playing Fortnite, Reach New Levels of Savageness

By Hart  |  Posted: July 24, 2018

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    Cool Mums – 1, Kids Screaming in Video Games – 0

    If you have kids, chances are that you have heard about this popular video game called Fortnite. And because you know your kids play this game constantly, chances are that they live, breathe, and dance Fortnite. Do not worry, we sympathize with your pain.

    When blogger mum Whitney Cicero tried to think of the best response to her kids new addiction passion, she sought out something creative and constructive. She did not want to deter this new side to her son, so she just recorded her son and friends play the game for posterity. Of course, you clicked on this article knowing that something really hilarious is attached to it.

    We’ll let your proper self off the hook as you enjoy the lip-synced fiasco below:

    The stars of the video are Whitney and her gal pal Angela Hoover, the person who actually suggested they produce the video. Showing equal parts admiration for the game and pure, family-friendly comedy, the mums acted through how their kids would  play the game, replete with the constant compaints about the internet and their own battle skills. To add even more realism, they even added a fart, a burp, and a “THIS ISN’T A JOKE, MOM” bit! And did you see who was playing mum?

    What’s the best takeaway from all of this? Aside from seeing mums busting their moves, we get to see how funny it would be for parents to attempt to relate with their kids’ hobbies. So the next time you get annoyed with your kids’ gaming session, just calm down and play this video again!

    What did you think of the lip-sync attempt? Do you have funny stories of your kids playing video games? Share your stories and comments on our Facebook page!

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