VR Plus: This VR Gaming Arcade In Melbourne Was Made For FUN

By Hart  |  Posted: May 14, 2018

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    Virtual Reality, or VR, is fast becoming a “next generation” trend among tech and media circles. But the most visible and exciting development in VR is in its potential for bigger and better gaming experiences. Many kids and teenagers these days ask for VR parties for their birthdays because of how “real” it has become to play many of today’s gaming titles. Gamers will not only watch and play games, but now they’ll be able to immerse themselves in gaming worlds. And with the growing number in interactive multi-player games, Virtual Reality gaming will become a must-have as a group activity.

    Virtual Reality gaming is fast becoming accessible and more affordable for everyone, and with its rise comes the arrival of Virtual Reality gaming arcades. Having your own VR gaming headset or two at home is cool. But shooting zombies for an adrenaline rush or solving horror mysteries for scares with your closest friends can be better. If you’re looking to host an exciting VR party for your kid or teenager, look for VR Plus in Melbourne. 

    Situated in a suburb in Melbourne, VR Plus is the city’s Ultimate Virtual Reality Gaming Experience. The facility’s multi-player bays can comfortably fit up to seven people, allowing for maximum enjoyment during sharing activities and parties. All playing bays use HTC Vive VR gaming headsets equipped with room-scale technology, promising uncompromising experiences in a safe and seamless gaming environment. A VR experience lasts for up to 60 minutes, including suit up, safety briefing and tutorial time. Group or party bookings however can last up to 2 hours, and can be further customized upon request.

    Defy reality and experience the impossible at VR Plus! To book a VR gaming session or birthday party, or to know more about the gift vouchers and special offers, head on over to the VR Plus website.


    VR Plus is located at Level 1, 272 Lygon Street, Carlton, 3053 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

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