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By ivan matsumoto  |  Posted: October 1, 2018

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    2019 is a big year for Marvel movies as the biggest films from Sony, Fox and Marvel Studios will release the most anticipated marvel stories including the untitled Avengers 4 which concludes the epic fight against Thanos, the final big X-Men film in the franchise with Dark Phoenix before they ultimately transition into the MCU and two amazing Spider-Man movies that takes our favourite web-slinger hero onto uncharted storylines that we’re all excited to see. 

    Check release dates below and vote for your favourite below! 


    International Release Dates for Marvel Movies

    Below are the tentative dates for the marvel movies in 2019, expect the dates to be different for different countries.

    Spider-Man: Into The Spiderverse

    Release Date: December 14 2018

    Spider-Man mentors a teenager from Brooklyn, N.Y., to become the next web-slinging superhero.

    Dark Phoenix

    Release Date: February 14 2019′

    The X-Men spring into action when a malevolent, power-hungry force threatens to overtake Jean Grey’s mind.

    Captain Marvel

    Release Date: March 6 2019

    Captain Marvel gets caught in the middle of a galactic war between two alien races.

    Avengers 4

    Release Date: 3 May 2019

    After the events of Avengers: Infinity War, the remaining Avengers come to grips what what they have lost and hatch a plan to undo what Thanos has done. 

    Spider-Man: Far From Home

    Release Date: Summer 2019

    Peter Parker and his friends go on summer vacation in Europe. 

    New Mutants

    Release Date: August 2 2019

    Magik, Wolfsbane and other teenage mutants try to come to grips with their superpowers while staying at a secret facility.


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