Top Things to Do in Christchurch this Winter

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    Winter is here! We can sometimes forget to make plans for the family (or sometimes plans fall apart) and we’re aware that it’s important to keep our children busy. Which is why we’ve compiled a list of some fun activities that your children (or even parents like us) can enjoy. Check out our recommendations below, which are all awesome regardless of the season!


    1.International Antarctic Centre

    Address: 38 Orchard Rd, Christchurch Airport, Christchurch 8052, New Zealand
    Phone: +64 3-357 0519


    The International Antarctic Centre has a huge range of experiences guaranteed to entertain the whole family. They have everything from Antarctic storm rooms and ATV tours to big screen ice tours and immersive 4D theatres. They even offer encounters with a variety of wildlife, including penguins!

    One of the other things that’s awesome about it is the fact that it’s open every day of the year!

    It truly is the perfect place to create memories that will last a lifetime!

    Interested? Click here to visit their website!

    Below are just a few reasons why animal encounters are important.

    Animal encounters are good ways to connect with nature! 

    Exposing your child to the wonders of nature will help your child see and appreciate its beauty! The unique experience of an animal’s touch and smell and looking at them directly in the eye moves us to care more deeply about protecting these animals and the environment!

    Animal encounters are valuable learning opportunities!

    These experiences take children and adults alike beyond traditional zoo visits! You get to interact with and observe animals directly! You can even speak with knowledgeable and dedicated staff who manage the animals’ care! Children learn best in environments that arouse their curiosity and interest. Getting close to animals can be a fun bonding experience that facilitates learning!

    1. Pohatu Penguins

    Address: 2/8 Rue Balguerie, Akaroa 7520, New Zealand
    Phone: +64 3-304 8542

    Take advantage of the unique nature and sea kayak tours offered by Pohatu Penguins and enjoy the spectacular scenery!

    Below are some of the tours they are offering

    • A tour of the largest Australasian little penguin colony on mainland NZ.
    • A tour of the Pohatu Marine Reserve
    • A 4WD Scenic Nature Tour
    • A night in the middle of a penguin colony!

    Visit their website for more info!
    Click here for bookings!

    1. GKR Karate

    Phone:021 030 8376

    The most famous martial arts include Karate, boxing, Judo, Taekwondo, Aikido, and Muay Thai! If you’re looking for a karate class, then look no further than GKR Karate! It has numerous branches across the country, and even overseas!

    GKR Karate offers self-defence classes for people of all ages! 

    Their classes provide a warm, friendly and encouraging atmosphere. All instructors are accredited with the International Go-Kan-Ryu Federation. Children may train in regular classes, alongside people of all ages including other family members, or train in special kids’ classes.

    Did you know? There are plenty of benefits to attending martial arts classes! Check out some of them below!

    • Your child will develop self-defense skills
    • Martial arts will help your child stay fit.
    • Your child will develop confidence.
    • Martial arts will help your children gain self-discipline.
    • The classes will present your children with opportunities to socialize and compete with other students. 

    GKR Karate has numerous branches across the country, we’ve compiled a list of their Christchurch region branches below.

    Address: Oaklands School Cunningham Place, Halswell 8025, New Zealand

    Address: Isleworth School, Farrington Avenue, Bishopdale 8053, New Zealand

    Address: Linwood College, Aldwins Road, Linwood 8062, New Zealand

    Address: Mairehau High School, 440 Hills Road, Mairehau 8052, New Zealand

    Address: Ashgrove School, 48 Seddon Street, Rangiora 7400, New Zealand

    Interested? Check out their website for more info!

    1. Chipmunks Papanui

      Address: 472 Cranford St, Redwood, Christchurch 8051, New Zealand
      Phone: +64 3-352 4476

    Come and discover exciting new adventures at New Zealand’s most loved indoor play centre, Chipmunks Playland and Café! 

    All their indoor play areas are designed for children up to 11 years old. The playground is split into dedicated age zones for maximum adventure, excitement, and safety. Each area has been designed with unique equipment best suited to the child’s age and his/her learning and development levels. Your children’s experience will be enhanced through active play! It truly is the ultimate place to keep kids busy, active and entertained.

    Their onsite cafes are perfect for parents who want to relax while keeping an eye on their children. Each café is strategically placed in view of the play areas. They all offer a full menu of refreshments and meals, as well as plenty of comfortable seats. Don’t forget to try their magnificent coffee! 

    Interested? Click here to visit their website!

    1. Wharenui Swimming Pool & Sports Centre

    Address: 73 Elizabeth St, Riccarton, Christchurch 8041, New Zealand
    Phone: +64 3-348 6488

    The Wharenui Sports Centre has been the home of swimming training since 1911!

    Here are a few reasons why you and your little ones should get into swimming!

    • Builds strength and endurance
    • Swimming is a great way to keep fit!
    • It helps people sleep better
    • It improves people’s mood and can help people cope better with stress
    • At one point in your child’s life, his/her life might depend on whether he/she knows how to swim! Better safe than sorry!

    What are you waiting for? Book now! The first session is free!

    Click here to visit their website!

    If you’re looking for activities in other NZ locations, check out our articles on Auckland and Wellington.



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