Top Things to Do in Auckland this Winter (or any other time of the year)

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    Top Things to Do in Auckland this Winter (or any other time of the year)

    Winter is here! Whether you forgot to make plans for your family or you’re running out of ideas on how to keep your children busy, we got you covered! Here’s a list of some fun activities and classes that your little ones, and even the grownups in the family, can enjoy.

    1. Escape Rooms New Zealand

    Address: 9 Anzac St, Takapuna, Auckland 0622, New Zealand
    Phone: +64 9-929 4688

    Escape rooms are the coolest indoor activities in town! It’s perfect for team building events, birthday parties, family events, or even date nights!

    Escape rooms are real-life games whereby you and your team will be placed in a themed room of your choice. In order to ‘escape’, you are required to go through the process of problem-solving and elimination and crack a series of puzzles as well as logical mind games while utilizing a wide array of technology to decipher codes and locks, all the while racing against the clock!

    Escape NZ offers five unique and exciting experiences: Da Vinci, Mad Hatter, School of Wizardry, Asylum, and Hangover. All of which, apart from the last one, are suitable for children.

    Below are just a few reasons why you and your little ones should try escape rooms.

    • Escape rooms are great for challenging your mind. Challenges are good for any person’s mental health and provide wonderful opportunities to learn something new
    • Escape rooms encourage communication and collaboration
    • It helps develop creativity and critical thinking
    • It provides opportunities for social interaction
    • It’s fun, which can make a huge difference on people’s health!

    Click here to visit their website!

    Click here to book a room!


    1. Auckland Drum Studio

    Address: 14a Haultain St, Mount Eden, Auckland 1024, New Zealand
    Phone: +64 21 292 5193

    The Auckland Drum Studio is a dedicated place of learning and development for all types of drum and music enthusiasts. It offers drum lessons for all abilities. 

    They offer free meet and greets for all new students! What are you waiting for? You’ve got nothing to lose! Check the place out now!

    Click here to visit their website!

    Click here to book a session and for more info on pricing. 

    If you’re wondering about the benefits of taking up a musical instrument, we’ve got you covered! Check out the list below.

    • Learning to play an instrument stimulates the brain and improves functions like memory and abstract reasoning skills
    • It can help improve a person’s social skills
    • Playing instruments helps people deal with stress
    • It gives people a sense of achievement and helps build confidence
    • It improves patience, discipline, and time management skills
    • It stimulates a person’s creativity
    • It’s fun!

    If all of these things sound good but you don’t think drums are the right instrument for your child, then you should check out our next recommendation!


    1. Frank’s Music School

    Address: Ellerslie, Auckland 1060, New Zealand
    Phone: 09 818 1278 or 021 1006 435

    Frank’s Music School offers Contemporary Commercial Music Voice Coaching, Contemporary Guitar/Bass Tutoring, Pop, Rock and Jazz Band Training, as well as lessons in all contemporary instruments such as drums, piano, ukulele, Music Theory, and more!

    Click here to visit their website and here to register for lessons.

    1. The VR Club

    Address: 6A/33 Hurstmere Rd, Takapuna, Auckland 0622, New Zealand
    Phone: +64 27 257 2577

    Thanks to virtual reality, people can go on journeys across various digital worlds! It’s absolutely perfect for enjoying solo, with friends, families, groups, parties and more. 

    They offer all kinds of experiences, from rhythm games and shooting games, to sports simulators and adventure games. Experience the wonder and majesty of the ocean by playing theBlu, kill hordes of orcs using bows by playing Elven Assassin, or navigate through treacherous waters by playing Furious Seas.

    Interested? Click here to visit their website and here for a list of available games and experiences.
    Click here to book sessions and for more info on pricing.

    1. Brain Play

    Address: 140 Kyle Rd, Albany, Auckland 0632, New Zealand
    Phone: +64 27 509 6168

    These days, technology is everywhere. Brain Play sincerely believes that all children should be given a chance to learn about and experience the opportunities technology can provide. It aims to introduce students of all abilities to technology fields such as coding and robotics! Their courses are designed for children between the ages of 5 and 15.

    Brain Play is here to help you invest in your child’s future!

    Click here to visit their website

    1. Flip & Fly Circus School 

    Address: 26 Randolph St, Eden Terrace, Auckland 1010, New Zealand
    Phone: +64 9-303 2407

    Flip & Fly Circus School offers classes suitable for all ages, abilities, and fitness levels. There are known for their experienced and friendly trainers.


    Below are just a few reasons to get into acrobatics and circus training.

    • It helps improve overall health and fitness
    • It helps bring out a person’s creativity and imagination
    • It encourages physical, mental, emotional and social development
    • It helps improve hand-eye coordination, focus, and perseverance

    Click here to visit their website.

    If you’re looking for activities in other NZ cities, check out our articles on Wellington and Christchurch.


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