Top 8 Foods to Serve at a Kids Birthday Party

By Hart  |  Posted: June 6, 2018

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    Serve these tasty foods at your next birthday party. The kids will love you for it!

    At first, it might be simple to plan a kid’s birthday party. But when you consider the amount of work to be done, it can get overwhelming quickly. Pair that with what foods you need to prepare, and you’re basically swamped in your to-do list!

    Before you do anything else, breathe in deep, and calm down! The worst thing you can do is to panic and not get your list of food prepared. In choosing what dishes to prepare or order for the birthday party, here are things to consider:

    • The number of kids and adult guests attending the party
    • A list of dietary needs and allergies from the guests
    • A food budget to guide the whole process
    • Ask for help in the kitchen during prep time and during the party

    Get popping in the kitchen and experiment with these eight party food ideas! All these choices take into consideration the tips above, and of course, they’re instant hits with kids!


    1. Macaroni and Cheese

    Almost everyone loves mac and cheese, and kids can have it for days! This can be made better by using grated cheddar cheese and fine wheat macaroni. The new ingredients will help lower the sodium and calorie count compared to other versions. Adults can feel safe knowing that this won’t take a hit on their health.

    Cooking your own mac and cheese would be awesome, but if time isn’t on your side, you can order in bulk at Casa Ristorante Italiano in Sydney. 

    2. Calamari Rings

    Sliced squid rings, lightly coated and deep fried, and served with homemade tartar sauce. If your mouth’s watering over this dish, imagine how kids will react when they see these treasures of the sea? You can make this healthier by using breadcrumbs and grounded cornmeal over all-purpose flour. Season lightly with garlic powder and salt, and oven bake instead of using the fryer.

    There are a lot of healthy recipes for oven-baked calamari, but if you’re pressed for time, consider Blackbird Cafe in Sydney.

    3. Hot Dogs in Cups

    These easy-to-eat snacks have always been a birthday party staple. We’re going to change things up and add some fun by baking our hot dogs into biscuit cups! The recipe takes around 45 minutes to complete, but the baked and lightly spiced hot dog and biscuits combination are well worth it!

    If baking is not an option, then you can bulk buy hot dogs at your local grocery store. You can also take a trip to Kids Shack’s cafe to purchase the hot dogs and other treats. 

    4. Mini Beef Burgers

    Who says no to a delicious beef burger filled with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes? This version of the popular snack is smaller and more kid-friendly. The recipe is also easy to make; the kids can just pick them up with their hands or with the toothpicks. Cheers for the burger!

    Purchase some ready kid-sized burgers for the party at Barzura.

    5. Pepperoni Pizza

    Kids can easily get hungry and would need to eat up to fill themselves again. Serving a piping hot pepperoni pizza fresh from the oven would be a nice addition to the party! The crust, sauce and cheese and pepperoni slices are quite easy to prepare. Not even the adults would be able to resist this dish. 

    For an authentic Italian stone-baked pizza for your party, you can take one out at Rosso Pomodoro. You can even choose between a red or white sauce base, plus the toppings to complete your pizza.

    6. Fish and Chips

    Fish and chips are an easy family favourite, and are a welcome addition to your birthday party menu. But we’ll be giving this classic dish a healthy twist. This recipe uses less corn flour for the batter and swaps out spuds for sweet potatoes. Make sure to prepare enough as it will run out quickly!

    If cooking is not an option, you can also order fish and chips at the Acre Eatery or at Mount Waverley Fish and Chips in Melbourne.

    7. Fruit Salad

    This may be a non-conventional choice for party food, but we would like to encourage healthy eating too! You can get creative with the kinds of fruits you can mix in: apples, grapes, bananas and pineapples are great fruits to mix. But you can also add other seasonal fruits such as berries and mangoes. You can serve the salad in small bowls for the kids, or they could all dig into a big one!

    It’s difficult to find a place where you can take out fruit salad, but The Pantry in Melbourne serves a great kid’s version.

    8. Chicken Nuggets

    A common sight in school cafeterias, chicken nuggets are simple, quick and easy on the budget. The kids at the birthday party would not mind seeing these on their plates! To keep things healthy but tasty, you can use breadcrumbs coated in cheese as batter, then bake the nuggets, until golden brown. You can use this guide as your reference.

    No time to prepare the chicken nuggets? Try ordering a takeout at Original Dave’s Low & Slow BBQ. You can also order slow-cooked Texas BBQ for the adults here!


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