Tomorrow's Stars Basketball: Holiday Basketball Camp In Melbourne

By Hart  |  Posted: May 28, 2018

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    Basketball, in terms of popularity, is at an all-time high. Professional leagues like the NBA and Euro League ensure that there would be no shortage of star power and excitement in the sport. Meanwhile, the NBL continues to power through as much-watch sports TV. 



    Your kids may not be into basketball now.  But because of how big basketball has become, your kid might want to learn the sport. 


    Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball (TSB) continues its focus on developing the skills, habits and potential of today’s young athletes. With almost 20 years of experience, the camp focus on skills development and execution conducive to learning and team success.



    Coach Brett Rainbow established TSB in 2000. Coach Brett’s post-playing years have been filled with coaching and consulting opportunities for over 200 teams in schools around Australia. He was also invited in 2016 to conduct private training sessions at the NBA training center in China. 


    Over the past 18 years, TSB’s programs has trained and developed more than 45,000 players. TSB’s mission is quite simple: to create a new style of basketball player that captures the very essence of the sport and will ensure its sustainability here in Australia and around the world. Coach Brett and his staff aim to train players at all levels, from young kids to professional stars. 



    TSB trains its players through a customised training program fit for their needs and skill level. Young kids who are just starting off can join the Wizz Kidz program. Each after-school session will teach kids the basic rules and skills needed to enjoy the game, all conducted in a low pressure environment. Each week, kids will learn skills in dribbling, passing, shooting, hand-eye coordination and body movement. This community-driven program provides a fun, teamwork oriented atmosphere for boys and girls aged 6-12 years old.



    Aside from the Wizz Kidz program, other professional training and development programs under TSB include:


    • School Holiday Basketball Camps
    • USA Basketball Tours
    • Private Training
    • Dunk Champ Jump Program


    Jump Higher, Shoot Better and be the best player that you can be at Tomorrow’s Stars Basketball! For the latest camp schedules and program offerings, visit TSB’s page on Fun Kids Guide. To contact Coach Brett or to find more information, visit TSB’s website.

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