Things to Do in Sydney Today (September)

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    Plenty of things to do in Sydney for September. The Winter season is fading and we’re heading towards spring! Don’t forget September 3 is Father’s Day and there are outdoor activities to check out! We’ve listed the top things to do in Sydney for the whole family to enjoy!

    Fastlane Karting Sydney

    Combining a perfect mix of adrenaline, excitement and fun in a safe environment. What better way to spend time with family than being in a competitive race. This September, Fathers should avail the ‘Drive ‘n Drift’ double pass that gives them access to the fast lane.


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    Archery Games

    Archery Tag is a unique sport which combines archery and dodgeball. Take aim at your friends and don’t get hit yourself. Alternatively there are inflatable games that you can play like ‘hover ball’ where you must target levitating balls hovering mid-air. Archery Games can also come to you to set up these activities that’s convenient for you.

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    Flip Out (Punchbowl)

    Their mission is to bring a smile to every child that gleefully jumps in their trampoline park.

    They promise hours of bouncing fun for the kids with no wait time and for the parents to enjoy taking a break at their onsite cafe.

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    The Escape Hunt Experience Sydney

    Want to solve a mystery as a family together? Escape Hunt is Australia’s most interactive and exciting escape room. Teams of up to five people are locked in a room and you have an hour to find clues, crack puzzles and solve the mystery before time runs out! It’s only elementary of course!

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    Korrupt Indoor Skatepark

    Providing a safe, friendly environment for scooters, bikes and skateboards.

    Facilities include a street course, foam pit, resi ramp, scooter and helmet hire and a pro scooter shop for all your accessory needs.

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    Kids Shack Cafe

    A unique playhouse that also caters for the comfort of both parents and kids. Their motto is, “created and run by parents, for parents”. Serving delicious treats and coffees, this is a haven for parents to relax, knowing that the kids are having a blast in a safe and fun play environment. Also available are themed party events, including a Wonderland, Underwater and Every Girl’s Dream themed rooms. Perfect spot for the season!

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