The Ultimate Guide: How to Go Viral on TikTok


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    Want to be famous like Charli D’ Amelio? Here’s the ultimate Tiktok Guide on how to become a famous tiktok star!


    Post a lot of videos

    Tiktok Guide #1 Posting often, gives you a higher chance of reaching the “For You” page which allows more people to find your account. Post unfiltered content and let your creativity run free- unlike other platforms, it is very hard to tell which videos will do well and which ones won’t. In some cases, a video you dedicated a lot of time into editing could flop whilst a video that took a couple of minutes to create could go viral. This is why quantity is very important!

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    Use Trending Hashtags

    Most users will click on the discover page to search for trending hashtags. This is a good way to target your audience and capture their attention. When participating in a challenge or trend, use the relevant hashtags so that your videos are easily accessible for your audience. Keep in mind the limit for a TikTok caption is 100 characters, so keep it short and catchy!

    Capture immediate attention

    The first 1-3 seconds of your Tiktok are the most important as this is when people decide whether or not to scroll onto the next video. Hooking the viewers attention immediately makes them more likely to watch until the end. Some ways to do this are to have good lighting because this is more aesthetically pleasing to watch. You can also use text to write a few words to interest the viewer and leave them wanting more. 

    Stay on top of Trends 

    Tiktok Guide – Creators can increase their chances of getting their video to go viral by simply using music that is trending or that has previously been liked by many people. Recreating or putting your own twist on the latest trends will also increase your chances of your video being pushed onto the “For You” page.

    Post original Content

    Although following trends is easy and can be effective, try coming up with your own creative ideas for others to recreate. Post something new, start your own trend, use a sound or song you created. The options are endless but be patient, things don’t always go viral overnight.

    Engage with others

    Following the top creators on the app can inspire you and give you ideas for your own content. As well as following, make sure you interact with them. Liking and leaving funny/ interesting comments on other videos is great and is an extremely easy way to grow. For example, many comments have gained tens of thousands of their own likes which could interest users to click on your profile and interact with you. 

    To see our list of the Top 25 TikTokers to start following, click here

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    Use TikTok tools

     It is crazy how many tools are available to you on the app itself that will keep you entertained for hours. To include a personal touch onto your videos, you can play with the speed, add stickers, filters, voice effects, green screen effect, colour customiser, bling effect- the list goes on!

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    Have Fun!

    The best piece of advice is to have fun with it. Don’t get too caught up in the numbers because at the end of the day, people will enjoy your content if you enjoy making it.


    Good luck! 🙂

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