The Invisible Prank - How To Pull It Off

By ivan matsumoto  |  Posted: September 24, 2018

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    The Invisible Prank trick is the trick to pull on an unsuspecting child. It’s typically done during family gatherings and everyone is in on the joke EXCEPT one, this is usually a young child that has no clue that the ‘magician’ relative has made them vanish out of thin air when unveiled from a white sheet. That is when everyone in the room erupts into astonished amazement as they make the child believe he/she has truly gone invisible. 

    As you can guess, there’s no magic involved, it’s plain trickery and if pulled off correctly it’s a story your family will be telling  for a long while and for your unsuspecting victim, the subject of a hilarious practical joke. 

    But how do you pull off an invisible prank?

    1. Your unsuspecting victim should be unsuspecting

    A suitable candidate should be a child aged 4-8 years old. They should be gullible innocent enough to respond to the magic happening. It goes without saying, don’t prank someone who already knows about it and if they are internet savvy they would probably stumble upon a similar trick on YouTube. There have been instances when it could be pulled off on older kids like up to 12 but they might call you out on it. The general rule is, if the child still believes in Santa, they are probably the right candidate for the prank.

    2. The Audience Must ALL Be In On It

    Before performing the trick, find an opportunity to explain to everyone else what their part in the trick is. Otherwise, come the reveal and the child has clearly NOT gone invisible, you wouldn’t want that smarty-pants cousin of theirs pointing out the ridiculous flaw in the trick or an older relative not really giving a convincing performance. ACTING IS KEY. Explain, their reactions have to be convincing enough that the child would truly believe they have disappeared before their eyes. Make the initial reaction over-dramatic, kids really respond to that. If they see quiet, old grandma losing her mind or tough-guy-dad holding his hands on their face with an OMG mouth, the kid will definitely think something is up. 

    3. Give a Backstory

    Every magician should set up a story to give some context to the trick. Perhaps they will use an enchanted sheet which is capable of making anyone under it disappear or maybe a magical spell or wand will make them invisible. It doesn’t take much practice to impress a child with what you say but do so with conviction, and without a transparent expression that will give away your deviousness.

    4. The Environment

    Make sure there are no reflective surfaces, they might question if they can see their reflection. Have lots of space for the child to wander around when they do go ‘invisible’.  Perform it in a private environment and not like a park or in a restaurant to not alarm strangers that could spoil the prank (or simply think you’re bunch of weirdos)

    5. Don’t Look Them In the Eye

    Eye contact is a big giveaway. So don’t look into their eyes. Perhaps just stare above their head so that the child looks like they are being looked over. 

    6. Act Surprised When There is Physical Contact

    They’re invisible, not a ghost. So if they bump into you, feel the air with your hands, or if they poke you from behind, jolt in surprise and scream like mum seeing a spider. It should be noted that you can hear them speak. It’s a bit like being blindfolded and you’re playing marco polo; you can’t see them but you can hear the direction of the voice. 

    7. Respond Accordingly

    If the child lifts an object, be surprised. If the child moves a chair, be surprised. Everything the kid touches, moves or hold is done so by a supposed unseeable force. But if the kid starts making gestures like a handwave or doing a funny dance you technically can’t respond to that so you will just need to pretend that you didn’t see it. 

    8. The Invisible Camera Trick

    This will need prior preparation but it is basically when you ask the child to be in front of the camera alone or with people (though the latter will be trickier) and you reveal that they are still invisible on the picture- spooky. If you want to pull this off then you will need to take the exact same picture prior without the kid knowing about it, for better accuracy it should have the same lighting and angle as the kid would expect. If you pull it off well, watch their sinking reaction as they become aware that the impossible has become reality. 

    Check out The Best Invisible Pranks on the internet right now to see the trick in action.

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