The Strangest Kids Birthday Party Stories

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    From having a birthday party at Kmart to a bear crashing a little boy’s party for cupcakes, here are the strangest kids birthday party stories to enjoy (and cringe at).

    Having a birthday party for their special day is often one of the best moments kids can have. A birthday party wouldn’t be complete without the cake, gifts, games and friends to celebrate with! But what if one of these points ends up wrong, weird or unexpectedly funny? 

    If you’re looking for situations to avoid in planning your kid’s birthday party, or for a stream of laughs, then you’re reading the right post. Here are the strangest kid’s birthday party stories on the web!

    1. An UnBear-able Birthday Mishap

    We’ve heard of birthday party animals and mascots, but this Alaskan family’s party received more than what they’ve asked for. In 2014, a wild black bear crashed through a Juneau home’s skylight and started to devour the cupcakes set up for a boy’s birthday party. Falling three feet away from the birthday celebrant’s father, Glenn Merrill told the Juneau Empire that everyone ran away to the adjoining rooms after the bear cracked through the roof. Talk about “wishes from the sky”!

    Unfortunately, officers had to put down the bear after it caused trouble multiple times. 



    2. “Go for It”!

    Have you heard of the “Kmart challenge” birthday party? We give kudos to this Aussie mum for staging a surprise not even her daughter and friends would have expected. 

    Budget friendly and educational, Shannon Cassidy thought of creating a unique party for her daughter Charli’s 13th birthday. She brought Charli and four of her friends to Kmart, and each teen was given 30 Australian dollars to fill up a basket with. Needless to say, Charli and her friends learned a thing or two about smart shopping!



    3. Party Pooper

    We feel sorry for something like this to rain on someone’s parade. Imagine having your own Sweet 16 party being literally pooped on from the sky! 

    A 16 year-old was just celebrating her birthday with 40 of her friends and family. Suddenly feces hailed down from a passing plane. “It looked like, if a hundred birds flew over and went to the bathroom simultaneously,” the celebrant’s step father explained. Everyone luckily had a fill of the gorgeous, purple sixteen-shaped cake before it all went south!



    4. Stop Clowning Around!

    Remember the time when clowns were terrorizing neighborhoods for scares? You can forgive yourself if you had to sleep through some nightmares; some of these jokers can be eerily creepy! 

    But just to keep things real, these highly skilled professionals go through a lot just for our children’s entertainment. It takes a special individual to sweat, bleed and spend lots of time and money just to be ridiculed on the job. One former clown had to fit into a little mermaid costume that was too small for her, while another accidentally crashed a girl’s 16th birthday party due to spite from her father. So, do you still think that a clown’s job is all fun and balloons?



    5. We’ve Seen Stranger Things

    Yes, we know that this did not happen at a ‘real’ birthday party. And yes, we can theoretically include this in our strangest birthday party stories feature because, why not? 

    Featuring British star Benedict Cumberbatch playing his Marvel Studios alter-ego Dr. Strange, TV talk show host Jimmy Kimmel staged a skit wherein he invites the Sorcerer Supreme to perform party tricks at his kid’s birthday party. Faced with the odds of settling down kids who’ve “eaten 50 cupcakes”, he proceeded to conjure up balloon animals and well, this is where the magic happens.


    We’re glad we found these strange birthday party stories on the web. Now we’re quite sure what problems to look out for in future parties! If you’re looking to avoid these strange occurrences from happening at your own kids birthday party, find the best party planners and suppliers near your location through Fun Kids Guide!


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