The Best Invisible Prank Videos

By ivan matsumoto  |  Posted: September 24, 2018

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    Not familiar about the concept of one of the internet’s many video pranks? The Invisible Prank basically tricks one unsuspecting child to believe they have become invisible after they have been unveiled from a ‘magical’ sheet. The crowd around has to maintain this joke by fooling the child that they have truly vanished before their eyes but in reality, the child’s still visible and we’re recording his or her every reaction. 

    Take a look at some of the most entertaining Invisible Prank videos found on YouTube.

    1. Kid Cries After Picture Taken

    Watch the kid’s reaction after his family took a picture. 

    2. Family Loses Their Minds

    The family really committed to their role and gave a TV drama performance of their reaction after his disappearance. Poor kid, he felt guilty for being invisible and didn’t know what to do.

    3. Desperate To Exist Again

    Poor boy, he even prayed to God to remove this curse of invisibility.

    4. I’m Right Here!

    This little girl was desperately crying to be seen. Nice acting on the little brother too.

    5. Magic Spell Gone Wrong

    When an invisible spell was cast, this little kid was at first dubious and thought he could play tricks on them but alas the grown ups got him.

    6. Girl Too Smart for Invisible Prank

    She nearly didn’t believe them. She’s cute to see through her parents’ prank though.

    7. Cheeky Invisible Kid

    This kid did what he thought he could get away when he realised no one could see him…or so he thought.

    8. Girl Goes On A Tantrum

    Her reaction to being invisible was so extreme that they had to rush to make her visible again.

    Want to try doing this prank for yourself? Check out How To Pull Off An Invisible Prank.

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