Teens sneakily movie hop five films for the price of one

By Pia Marie Balquiedra  |  Posted: October 29, 2017

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    A group of friends find a way to sneak into five cinema screens but only paying for one ticket each, saving serious cash.

    Moviegoers have noticed a steep rise in ticket prices in the last few years. A group of teenagers have found a way to exploit their local theatre by scheduling to see five movies back to back but only paying to see the first one.

    Chelsea, one of the rebel teens, said: “We weren’t sure after the first movie if we were still going ahead with the plan but Matt convinced us this was what we set out to do. Not to reveal how we did it, but let’s say we knew this particular cinema had a blind spot.”

    “It was a rush! When we sat down for movie #2 we realised that there was no going back. Man, we felt alive!”

    “By movies #3 and #4, we were practically dying. Our eyes were wanting to quit and so did our bladder.”

    “Matt kept us going by making a brilliant speech about how we would one day tell our children that we stood up to corporate Hollywood, and that our movie hopping experience would go down in history as legendary.”

    “By the end movie #5 we could hardly keep our eyeballs open and we vowed that the only bingeing we would ever do would be done with Netflix and in the comfort of our own homes.”

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