Birthday Party Ideas for Teenagers in Australia

By ivan matsumoto  |  Posted: May 2, 2018

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    Celebrating the birthday of your teenage son or daughter is just as important to them as celebrating it when they were kids – the only difference is, they have outgrown all your old birthday party ideas. It isn’t as simple as hiring your local clown or magician anymore and they certainly don’t want mum or dad to be hanging around too much. So what kind of parties are teenagers having nowadays? (When we say ‘teens’, we mean children aged 11 – 15)


    1. Virtual Reality

    The most ‘in’ type of group activity for kids is VR gaming. With the rise in popularity thanks to the recent Spielberg film ‘Ready Player One’, teenagers really want to get their hands on this next generation kind of arcade games. Your nearby VR centre can have single player gaming as well as co-op. They have a selection of games to choose from but most teenagers will want to test their nerve and experience horror or space genres. 



    2. Escape Room

    With the power of teamwork, anything is possible. Escape Rooms are designed to foster better relationship as they need to work together to solve puzzles and clues. Plus nothing unites a team more than victory once they have escape a room all on their own. Every city offers many escape room challenges and mysteries. They typically have an hour to escape so if you are planning to have this as the main event of a birthday party, perhaps add another game or allowing extra time to extend their fun. 


    Break The Code Escape Room


    Adventure Rooms- Adelaide

    Become a detective like Sherlock Holmes and attempt to solve the puzzles at The Escape Hunt. Start playing in a city near you:





    Gold Coast



    3. Indoor Sky Diving

    If you are living in a city where there is an indoor sky diving centre then this is a must try experience for the thrill-seekers. Note that this is not the kind where you would jump off a plane, indoor sky diving is perfectly safe because it is contained inside a wind tunnel that blasts a strong upward current of air, giving you the sensation of sky diving. No matter what age, experiencing free falling will be something unique and it would make you the envy of your friends. Going once is just not enough, be sure to get the package where you can get multiple tries being inside the air tunnel. It’s best to start the birthday with this activity because for the rest of the day, you will will feel as if you are reborn having felt the rush and excitement of sky diving. 


    Take to the skies with iFly. Find one in a city near you.


    Gold Coast



    4. Archery

    Who wouldn’t want to be like Legolas or Katniss Everdeen? Archery is becoming a popular choice for birthday parties as there are lots of unique, competitive fun games you could have with a bow and arrow. Archery Tag’s concept is similar to painball or dodgeball but using safe equipment like foam tipped arrows and a face mask. You will always have an experienced instructor on hand to be in charge of their safety but once trained, it’s basically all out war for the teens. 




    5. Paintball

    The best part about paintball is being outdoors and feeling the adrenaline of being in open combat. In 2 teams, players will need to shoot their opponents and use their environment as cover. Getting hit is part of the package and the slight pain should serve as a reminder to stay alert. Safety should also be enforced by the adults and to respect the players in the game. It’s important to note that this activity is best recommended for older teens.




    6. Laser Tag

    If being hit by a paintball doesn’t sit well with you then an alternative option is laser tag instead. Armed with a laser shooting gun, each team will need to take aim at their opponent’s laser sensors situated on their helmet, gun and chest plate. Each successful shot will score points but watch out, once you take a hit you will accrue penalties. What’s great is that laser tag is appropriate for younger children and adults so that that people of all ages can join in on the fun. 

    Frag and Tag your friends to victory at AMF Bowling and Laser Tag. Find one in a city near you.


    Gold Coast


    Wizbang Family Fun Centre


    Fun City Shepparton

    KemizO Entertainment Centre- Caroline Springs Centre

    Challenge Laser Skirmish



    7. 7D Cinema

    You’ve heard of 3D Cinema, you may have tried 4D but 7D is the next evolution of cinema that will stimulate all the senses. With the latest in VR technology synced with motion simulation seats, you can now watch movies as if you are actually part of it – and it’s thrilling to say the least!


     Watch a glimpse of the future. Find 7D Cinemas in your area:


    Gold Coast



    8. Bowling

    As a kid you have learned how to bowl, maybe even with the bumpers.  Bowling is still popular with the teens and it is a great social activity. For teens, hanging out with friends is placed with more importance than the activity itself. Even when it is not your turn, the teens can still chat with one another and snack on nachos or takeaway pizza.




    9. Amusement Park

    Any kid or teen loves going to amusement parks. There are plenty of rides to go on, not just scary roller-coasters. It’s often better to go during a weekday to avoid the crowd but kids tend to go during the school holidays. If you are planning to treat the birthday celebrant with a visit, be sure to invite no more than you can handle. It’s always best for the teens to be accompanied by an adult – you never know, it’s a big place to easily lose someone. 




    10. Go Karting

    Race and compete against your friends in an epic race for your life. Go Karting is an exhilirating activity for a teen’s birthday party. You never just want to have one lap around, so be sure to book for multiple sessions. It’s often the case that go karting centres will have a private room to continue the celebration so do ask what is available.



    11. Rock Climbing

    A unique kind of indoor activity is rock climbing. If your teen is passionate about this sport then they might want to share this activity with their friends. Being able to achieve their goal of reaching the top is a fantastic confidence booster and it gets everyone active too. And once they get a grip on it, they will surely have fun doing the sport. 



    12. Outdoor Adventure

    Head out of the city and you will find outdoor fun activities for those wanting something more adventurous. Activities include white-water rafting, kayaking, abseiling, rock-climbing, zip-lining and more. They tend to be far out of the city so prepare to be out the whole day. 

    Be sure to always have an adult to accompany you. However, all these activities will have an experienced trainer to supervise the safety. 


    If all these ideas don’t get your teen son or daughter excited then perhaps give in to their wishes and hand them cash or gift vouchers. It’s pretty clear they want to spend that money on their friends and not with family. Teenagers – they do grow up too fast, don’t they?

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