Top Birthday Party Ideas for Teenagers in New Zealand

By Hart  |  Posted: May 22, 2018

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    When you have a very sociable and energetic teen who wants to celebrate their birthday with a party, you know you have to do your best to make it a memorable celebration. But planning a teenager’s birthday party is very different from planning a kid’s party- more action, more people, and more spending are usually required.

    So what are the best birthday party ideas for teenagers in New Zealand today? We dove into the heart of it and came up with this list to help you out! (When we say ‘teens’, we mean children aged 11 – 15)

    Escape Room

    Crime thrillers and investigative TV series have made comebacks in recent years, so we’re pretty sure your teenage son or daughter would love to have this as a party idea. Escape rooms are indoor attractions designed for the detective in all of us! Groups can take part in their own mystery themed adventure to collect clues, solve mini puzzles and find the way to escape. And all of this has to be done in 60 minutes or less! This birthday idea is perfect for groups of 2-8 people.


    Go Karts

    Racing against your friends on whizzing karts can put a smile on any teenager’s face. Go Kart tracks come in different lengths and are usually ranked by difficulty. This is a really fun way to celebrate a teen birthday party, but remember to always put safety first! Knowing how teenagers love adrenaline-inducing races, make sure to book a track with the appropriate safety protocols in place. 



    Bowling is a common and popular sport among teens and adults alike. It’s quite possible then to have an old-fashioned bowling party with your kid’s friends and family. But we understand that your teen might not like the extra attention from your loved ones; providing a bit for the food and drinks might be your best bet to keep the party going. Just don’t feed everyone too much nachos and pizza- you’d probably like your teen to have a proper dinner!


    Kapiti Tenpin


    Ice Skating

    We mentioned that ice skating is a great idea for a kids birthday party, but we also believe that your teen and his/her friends can have a great time at the local ice rink. Instead of just skating for the sake of it, they can have skating races around the track. This is a good chance for everyone to create wonderful memories and fun moments to look back (especially if someone keeps fall on their butt!). Don’t forget to ask for any party packages available.

    Fulfill your Ice King or Frost Queen fantasies through Paradice Ice Skating. Find one in a city near you.


    Trampoline Parks

    Get ready for endless rounds of trampoline basketball and bouts of “Who Can Jump Highest” with this next cool idea. Teenagers will have a blast with this party because of the amount of freedom they are given to do stuff: they can scale the higher foam walls, perform parkour stunts safely, and go through ninja-style obstacle courses. The amount of fun and excitement of a trampoline park party are literally as infinite as the air above us!

    Fly through the air and defy the odds at Gravity NZ Trampoline Park. Find one in a city near you.

    Uptown Bounce is here to elevate the fun in your parties. Find one in a city near you.


    Movie Night

    This may sound like a boring way to throw a birthday party, but hear us out. If your teen is a legitimate film buff and prefers less tiring activities, then why force him to celebrate in another way?  He can invite his friends out for a movie that they actually love, and you can pay for their popcorn and drinks. After watching the movie, they can have a dinner out or eat at home. This gives them a chance to talk about the movie’s good points, story and characters, too! Enjoy the movies!


    Out of Town Tour

    Go all out for your teens’ birthday party with a luxurious local tour of New Zealand. We think that its an amazing way to spend quality time with the whole family, plus your teen can invite some of his friends to come along! Each tour guide provides a variety of tour packages at different rates, so its best to ask the agency you will be booking with. Why not visit the famous Hobbiton movie sets from the Lord of the Rings films?



    Teenage birthday parties- such a headache, right? But remember that your kids will continue to grow up regardless of how much time you spend together. Cherish every moment you have with them and enjoy the party!

    For more information on how to plan for your teen’s birthday party, visit our City Guides to look for suppliers and venues nearest you.

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