Vivid Sydney 2018: Shine Hope For Endangered Species at the Taronga Zoo

By Hart  |  Posted: June 13, 2018

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    Before the spectacle of the many lights at VIVID Sydney fade out, make sure to pass by the colourful displays and wonderful animals at the Taronga Zoo.

    Vivid is a wonderful time of year for everyone in Sydney- its not just a landmark festival of lights, sounds and energy, but its also a time to gather to share ideas, enjoy food and games, and to spark change. With the Sydney Darling Harbour and the Opera House as focal points, families can take part in the art festivals, enjoy great street food, and watch the spectacular light shows. 

    But before the festival ends on June 16 (gone too soon?), make sure to make time to visit the Taronga Zoo and its many Vivid-inspired exhibits. Explore the wilder side of the festival and shine Lights for the Wild.

    Similar to last year’s event, Vivid Sydney at Taronga Zoo emphasises the sanctuary’s thrust for wildlife conservation. Families will get to trek through the zoo’s many awesome display of light sculptures. Many of last year’s displays make their return, along with new ones that will inspire people of all ages.

    The tranquil oceans make a splash when you can meet New South Wales’ most endangered species. Here you will also get to exit the large mouth of a Port Jackson Shark display near the zoo entrance. Watch out for the blazing bright tigers and other dangerous creatures as you trek quietly through the Sumatran jungle. Families will also get to witness an award-winning animated film through a 270 cinematic experience at the Taronga Centenary Theatre. Finally, end your journey by gazing up at the collection of stars beside a glowing model of the Earth.

    Like many of last year’s displays, many of the light sculptures have surprises waiting for any intrepid adventurer. Kids can become ‘nature heroes’ for a day by tying a glowing yellow ribbon for Ties for the Wild. Every ribbon tied means that event sponsor American Express will donate a certain sum to Taronga Zoo’s conservation efforts.

    Don’t miss out on what should be a great nature experience for the whole family! Show your inner heart and share Lights for the Wild!

    There are three sessions per night: 5:30pm, 6:30pm, 7:30pm (est. 2 hours per show)

    Purchase your tickets now at

    Adults: Weekdays- starts at $23.95, Friday + Weekends- $26.95, Concession at $21.56

    Children (4-15 years): Weekdays $17.95, Friday + Weekends- $18.95, Concession at $24.26

    Children under 4 years old can enter for FREE

    Lights for the Wild at Taronga Zoo tickets will be available until the shows’ end on June 16.


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