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    Sydney Speaking School – Learning by doing

    “The pen is mightier than the sword.” This metonymic adage implies that the written word can be powerful, but this doesn’t mean that words become less effective once spoken. Depending on how you speak, the impact of phrases and sentences can be a thousand times better than what it would be as a slogan on the wall. This highlights the importance of confidence and public speaking. With these skills, people will be able to better handle various situations and they’ll have the ability to accomplish almost anything they aim for in the future. In this regard, Sydney Speaking School aims to give YOUR CHILDREN a head start. Sydney Speaking School was founded in response to the lack of good quality education in public speaking and debating for school students on the North Shore of Sydney in 2014. It eventually gave birth to the organisation that we now know as Speaking Schools Australasia, which has numerous students across NSW, the ACT, and abroad.   The teachers and coaches of SSA understand how hard it can be to build the confidence to speak and they’re more than happy to go the extra mile in order to help your children get over their fears. The school’s student-centred teaching philosophy can be summarised using three words, Safe, Fun, and Educational.   Sydney Speaking School offers holiday workshops and term programs in both debating and public speaking for both primary and high school students. They offers courses which: are for everyone, regardless of background, skill or experience; are based on the philosophy of “learning by doing” to bring out the charismatic speaker within every student; and are taught in a welcoming atmosphere to a small class, by experienced coaches who are able to regularly give individualised feedback. What are you waiting for? Check out Sydney Speaking School! This is THE place to go in order to secure a better and happier future for your children. Learn more about the programs they offer and find out which is best for your children by visiting their website. Please follow and like us: