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    Escape Hunt: Best Indoor Activity in Sydney

    Looking for an exciting indoor activity in Sydney? The Escape Hunt Sydney Teams of up to 5 people face brain-puzzling challenges in order to escape a room within 60 minutes. This September we have Father’s Day, so kids as young as 7 can take part in one of four exhilirating challenges. Why not pit families versus friends, boys versus girls, whatever combination you go for will leave the whole group feeling engaged and excited.  AND to show that there’s a game for everyone, take part in the personality quiz below!   Want to try these games yourselves? Make your reservation here. For more information visit Escape Hunt Sydney.  Please follow and like us:

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    Things to do in Melbourne Today (August)

    Want to be in the know of what to do in Melbourne today?  There’s so much the city can offer and so we’ve put together an exciting list of activities that the kids and family will love in August. 1. Lollipops Playland and Cafe (Fountain Gate) Providing a fun, playful environment for the little ones, Lollipops kids’ play centres in Australia is the perfect place for kids to be kids all day, everyday! Come and visit the Fountain Gate branch that’s open seven days a week and parents can enjoy the great cafe available. For bookings and information visit: www.fountaingate.lollipopsplayland.com.au/   2. Funfields (Whittle) For wave fun adventure, Funfields has over 23 awesome rides and attractions for all the family to enjoy. It’s a water theme park which features the Gravity Wave, the world’s longest poolside wave and Victoria’s biggest and tallest waterslide! Get a season pass to save up cos you’re sure to return again. For bookings and information visit: www.funfields.com.au/   3. Sandy Mini Golf Situated only 20km away from Melbourne CBD is Bayside’s new and only mini golf featuring kids’ parties and first class family entertainment. Try their fun 18 mini golf courses each with unique landscapes designed to challenge all age groups and skill levels. Families of up to 6 can play at the same time so get ready to swing a hole in one! For bookings and information visit: www.sandyminigolf.com.au/   4. Dinosaur World Get ready to step back millions of years ago, to the land before time – dinosaurs to be exact. For all the paleo-loving kids, Dinosaurworld is truly the best place to explore and ‘pet’ these amazing prehistoric creatures. Don’t worry they aren’t alive like those in Jurassic Park! For bookings and information visit: www.dinosaurworld.net.au/   5. Merrly’s Mosaics To create a truly unique form of art, mosaicing is a therapeutic activity for kids to play with shapes of different colour and texture to piece together an impressive masterpiece.   For bookings and information visit: www.merrylsmosaics.com.au/galleries/   6. A Maze N Things Situated on Phillip Island is a perfect day out for the whole family. Full of amazing attractions like puzzles, a maze, mini golf and a magic manor, kids and parents will have a blast exploring the whole park. For bookings and information visit: www.amazenthings.com.au/   Check back every month to see new fun things to do for the whole family! Please follow and like us:

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    Crossbones: New Australian Outdoor Beach Game for Kids and Families

    When in Australia, beaches are a must. Popular outdoor beach games include cricket, volleyball, kite-flying and frisbees. Problem is, it’s often that these said beaches are crowded and Aussies don’t appreciate balls of any kind invading their personal space. So what’s a family to do? We speak to a Brisbane dad from Sandgate who has come up with a new alternative sport called ‘Crossbones’ that puts a spin on “old-school” outdoor games.  Similar to ‘bocce and horseshoes’ Crossbones involves 12 wooden bones, 2 teams and 1 race to Get On Top! To put it simply, you have stick-like crossbones, each made of birch, that you need to skilfully land on top of your opponent’s bones. The creator of the game, Rob Draycott, said the game was devised during a camping holiday with family and friends at the Sunshine Coast. “We’ve always loved getting away with the kids and spending time enjoying outdoor beach games,” he said. “The idea popped in my head while we were playing another game. After a lot of research, several prototypes and hours and hours of testing rules and playability on sand and on grass, Crossbones became a reality.” What Rob has told us is that he receives lots of positive feedback from families saying that even with the popularity of electronic games, there’s still a place for traditional outdoor beach games . “It connects people, encourages interaction and provide a great excuse to get out and enjoy our natural surroundings.” The original Aussie-invented game is being playing by kids in England, New Zealand, The USA, The Netherlands and Canada. Parents and Grandparents get to get in on the fun. What’s best is that it requires no chargers or batteries. You just need 2 – 12 players and outdoor space. outdoor beach game OUR VERDICT When looking for a game that doesn’t require a lot of space (or disturbing your neighbouring beach bums) Crossbones make a great alternative outdoor beach game that is easy to carry, light-weight, and up to 12 players could take part. We’re glad to support this truly original concept and glad that Rob is bringing families closer. Just remember to shout ‘Howzat!’ when you do win. outdoor beach game Visit www.crossbonesgame.com.au or call Rob on 0409 486 500 for more details. Website: www.crossbonesgame.com.au Instagram: www.instagram.com/crossbonesgame/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/crossbonesfun/ Email: admin@crossbonesgame.com.au outdoor beach game For more interesting content  from Fun Kids Guide subscribe to receive updates on articles of events, discounts  and more… Please follow and like us:

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    Lego Little Builders: Prepares a Child for Life

    Lego has been the quintessential child’s toy for nearly 84 years, capturing the imagination of generations and will so for many years to come. In spite of the digital age we are living in, where kids are glued to the screens of their phones and tablets, these small colourful bricks are still relevant today because kids like the idea of building things. After all, building and creativity is not only fun, it is essential for the development of our learning. Even the son of the creator of Lego, Godtfred Christiansen, wrote “Our idea has been to create a toy that prepares the child for life,” and he continues by highlighting how imagination develops the creative urge and joy of creation, which are “the driving forces in every human being.” Research has shown that structure block play fosters a wide set of skills such as motor, cognitive, language, spatial and problem solving skills. But, we’re not just talking about how lego benefits early child development. We speak to a mum in Sydney who founded a Lego-themed party company and asked why she set up ‘Little Builders’. “The idea for Little Builders began when I took my son to a Lego Show at the Sydney Town Hall back in 2012,” Claudine says. “ I had such a fantastic time playing  fun lego building games. And kids, teenagers (and even the parents) got into the challenges and it got me thinking…. these games would be so much fun to run at my son’s birthday party.” Claudine continues to say that ever since hosting that special, succesful birthday party and offering to lease out her vast lego collection that she has amassed, a business model emerged and Little Builders offered kids in Sydney something innovative and exciting. Lego isn’t just a gimmick party theme. It excites kids and adults alike. It teaches the values of patience, teamwork and collaboration. With the right fostering from an adult, through games and communication, building something together brick by brick enables the child to imagine the bigger picture. This is arguable such a key factor in a child’s development, engineers and creatives would argue that “Legos are a good introduction to communicating ideas with physical objects,” notes Tiffany Tseng, an engineer in the MIT Media Lab. “In fact, building things for fun seems to be intimately connected with real-world achievement.” Lego Kids Party Lego Kids Party Lego Kids Party “There’s just something so special when you see kids playing together and accomplishing the same goal. Brick building just seems to be a perfect outlet for that,” Claudine added. OUR VERDICT A lot of evidence suggests that Lego has lots of intellectual benefits. But whether it’s at birthday parties, kids conventions, or in the comfort of your living room,  undoubtedly, kids love lego because they’re fun. Just mind your bare feet! Request a quote via our website anytime and receive a response within 24 hours.  Mobile events and parties only so no venue/location.  Lego Kids Party Website: www.littlebuilders.com.au Instagram: www.instagram.com/littlebuilders Facebook: www.facebook.com/littlebuilders Read more [...]