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    Are You A Grinch? Take the Test!

    Are you a Grinch for Christmas? Have you ever been accused of being like Ebenezeer Scrooge? Want to prove to your friends that you’re actually a decent human being. Maybe you already are and just want the affirmation. Take the Grinch test  below and find out! So what was your result in the grinch test? Are you a decent human being or have your suspicions been confirmed. Share your result on social media by clicking on the social icons above and don’t forget to like our page if you enjoyed this content!    Please follow and like us:

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    WIN a FREE Bubble and Bee Baby Play Mat

    Fun Kids Guide is offering Australian parents a chance to win an incredible Baby Play Mat by Bubble and Bee.  The colourful and playful characters keeps the baby engaged and allows them to explore the huge space of the mat but safe within the soft, foam edges. Parents can relax at ease knowing that their baby is safe to roll, wriggle and play on their favourite Baby Play Mat.   100% cotton canvas with soft plush layer Foam bumper to protect infant’s head Completely machine washable. Safe for soft baby skin (no harmful chemicals or dyes). Easy pack and transportation. What Do You Win? Lucky winner gets to choose 1 of 3  fantastic designs: Tree Top Tango Play Mat ($149 RRP) 140x140cm Dinosaur Dilemna Play Mat ($149 RRP) 140x140cm Underground World Play Mat ($149 RRP) 140x140cm Process 1) We select a winner that will be announced on Tuesday  October 23 on Fun Kids Guide Australia Page. 2) Lucky winner will be contacted directly on Facebook with further instructions.  3) After informing Bubble and Bee their preferred mat design and postal address, expect up to 7 days for delivery to arrive (depending on where it is in Australia). Delivery is free of charge.  Guidelines 1) Easy! LIKE the Fun Kids Guide Australia  to qualify for the draw. 2) Prizes will only be delivered to an Australian postal code. 3) Application deadline is 23:59 AEST on Monday October 22. Winner is announced Tuesday October 23. Any further application after the deadline will not be counted to the draw.  For more information about the products visit their website: www.bubbleandbee.com.au Check out their Fun Kids Guide Listing Page. Follow them on Facebook here. Competition Terms and Conditions (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY) 1. Fun Kids Guide Australia and Bubble and Bee reserve the right to choose their winner based on a random draw that follows the competition guidelines. 2. Both parties also reserve the right to pull contestants off from the competition if they believe has not complied with these terms and conditions or acted in good faith. This also includes taking down any inappropriate posts or blocking persons for their unacceptable behaviour.  3. If the winner does not redeem their prize after 3 days, another winner will be contacted privately.  4. Any discussion or promises made after Fun Kids Guide Australia passes the winner to Bubble and Bee, Fun Kids Guide Australia will not be liable to the prize arrangement and should dispute any claims to Bubble and Bee.  5.  If the winner has been announced but has not received contact from Bubble and Bee or Fun Kids Guide Australia about instructions for redeeming their prize, please contact the Fun Kids Guide Australia Facebook messenger directly. 6. Any queries about the competition that has not been mentioned on the Guidelines page, kindly leave a message on the Fun Kids Guide Australia Facebook messenger.  Allow 24 hours for a reply back. (We respond only during 9-5 AEST business hours) 7. If a design is not available due to stock shortage, Bubble and Bee must inform Read more [...]