Sweet Dreams and Good Night: Kids Slumber Parties

By Hart  |  Posted: June 27, 2018

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    Kids would do everything and anything to spend more time with their close friends. As if they can not get enough of each other at school or at play! One of the top ideas they can think of for a get-together is a slumber party. Whether its for a birthday party or a weekender, anything can happen at a sleepover. But remember: you may be the one paying for everything, but it does not really allow you to join the party (too bad!).

    Sweet Dreams and Good Night is the original sleepover specialist in the country. Focused on reducing the headaches of parents due to the stresses of planning, they supply all the items necessary for a wonderful, custom-fit party. They provide unique mattresses, beddings and decorations, special displays and items, and even individual teepee-shaped tents! Not only will your kids and their guests get to enjoy their activities and sleep, but they will also have something to talk about for the days to come!

    You can select a variety of activity kits from  their catalogue. Allow your child to run his or her imagination wild. Some options include lighting for each individual tent, jewelry making kits, and an outdoor movie projector. Sweet Dreams and Good Night also provides full delivery and styling services for your event. Just ask one of their in-house experts, and they will design a custom plan according to your space and needs. They also provide DIY options wherein you can set up everything and return them another time.

    The events the company handles are not limited to slumber parties. They can also cater to “bigger” kids too! Book them for Bachelorette parties, girls’ night outs, garden parties, and for romantic proposals!

    Find a Sweet Dreams and Goodnight service specialist near you through Fun Kids Guide:

    Get ready for an awesome sleepover experience with Sweet Dreams and Good Night!

    For more information regarding their packages and other services, you can find them on their website.



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