‘Fidget Spinners’ - A Toy for Special Needs Kids

By funkids guide  |  Posted: July 3, 2017

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    Meet the latest toy fad that is quickly turning people’s attention – move aside dreidels and spinning tops of old, the ‘Fidget Spinners’ are what kids these days are going crazy for – and on a positive note, they are researched to be an effective calming influence on young children with special needs.


    What is this contraption you speak and what makes everyone go mad for it?


    As the name suggests, this device is meant for spinning. Hold it at the centre and flick it and watch it turn 360 degrees rapidly. Akin to the joys of bubble wrap popping and the finger flicking of a pen, this instrument is the the 21st century solution to the new millennials ennui. But that’s not all, marketed to help a child with special needs, this stress-relieving toy helps with their nervous energy.


    Proven to be successful with children with autism and Asperger’s, these spinners are effective at keeping students’ attention and focus, as they provide the necessary distraction to keep their little hands busy and help define their motor skills. Special Needs or not, they are still a lot of fun and even adults see the benefit of them as evident by their popularity amongst officer workers to distract them from their pressured jobs.


    In essence, if you come across these things wondering what everyone is going loopy for then you have been informed. So, fire away with your thoughts. Are you a fan of the spinning top replacements? Have you witnessed first-hand the benefits they have for kids with attention issues? Or do you just hate seeing another gimmick?


    The Fidget Spinner is what’s in for now but for how long is yet to be known. Meanwhile, take a look at some other examples of past fads to pass the time.

    The Perplexus Rookie

    Not a pocket-size toy but definitely great for passing the time while you are in the car and your child is busy solving this complex maze by guiding a ball through each section of the sphere.

    A Tangle Jr.

    Bend, twist, stretch…the fun never stops. Keep your idle hands busy by moulding this fairly simple, inexpensive toy into many shapes.

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