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By funkids guide  |  Posted: October 26, 2017

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    Parents want their kids to feel loved and appreciated; spending quality time together
    can help prove that. You may assume your kids know just how much you love each
    one of them but without spending consistent time together, it becomes impossible to
    build a relationship that stands the test of time. Here are fun ways on how to spend
    quality time with your kids whether they are teenagers or in preschool.

    Connect with your teenagers

    family selfie
    Spending time with your teenagers takes effort, time and a willing participant. If
    you’re a parent who wants to spend quality time doing fun things with your teenage
    kid, then you need to alert them in advance. Making too many plans can overwhelm
    and discourage your kids.
    To make the easy transition focus on creating memories together even if it’s just for
    a few minutes. If your teen likes shopping, then go to the mall together and if they
    like video games then join them for a game or two. Stepping into your teens world
    can lead to a natural conversation and improve the relationship.

    Embark on making healthy meal plans together

    family cooking
    Your kids are more likely to grab junk food if it’s in plain sight. Processed foods have
    unhealthy additives that increase the chances of getting various diseases.
    Introducing healthier snack options at an early age encourages your kids to eat
    healthy foods. If you’re a busy mum, you can use the weekend to bond with your
    kids by making homemade meals that will be consumed the following week.
    Maximize on the little time you have by allowing your children to help you stock the
    front part of the fridge and cabinets with healthy snacks such as yogurt.

    Go grocery shopping together

    family shopping
    Taking time to make homemade snacks ensures you control the taste, portion sizes,
    and available nutrients. Take your kids with you during grocery shopping and let
    them pick healthy ingredients which you can turn them into snacks or meals. When
    your kids remain healthy, you will be thankful that you took the time to make their life

    Work together as a family

    family gardening
    Working together as a family provides transparency on the various matter and gives
    room for adults to act as role models. It also provides motivation, support and makes

    the whole process fun instead of a chore. Set up a cleaning roster where the entire
    family can do general cleaning or go out for dinner where you can eat as a family or
    do something active like going for a walk, bowling or a physical activity that your kid

    Bond with your kid through reading

    Image result for dad reading to kids
    While academic excellence is the main reason why parents teach their children to
    read; reading can strengthen the parent and child relationship. Book sharing at the
    end of a busy day fosters social interaction and makes learning enjoyable. Parents
    who bond with their kids can know which subjects they find challenging. Since kids
    love to explore and be active, educating your children through active and fun games
    can improve their understanding.

    Cook tasty vegetables with your children

    family eating vegetables
    Cooking tasty meals at home is one of the best ways to bond with your kids and
    teach them about the benefits of good nutrition. However, eating vegetables tends to
    be a challenge for most people including kids. To make the process easier focus
    adding colourful vegetables to make the meal visually appealing. Involve your kids in
    making a salad by letting them add their favourite salad dressing that way you can
    bond and get to know more about which vegetables your kids love to eat.

    Create a recipe book

    family with kids cooking
    Young kids will be more enthusiastic about cooking that involves using their hands.
    Decorating cupcakes is a fun activity that your kids will love to put their creativity and
    energy to good use. You can teach them how to compile a scrapbook that contains
    recipe of their favourite meals. In the process, you will spend quality time and do a
    fun activity together.

    Spending quality time helps a parent to know their kids better. So make as much
    time as possible to do something special with your kids and create lasting memories

    guest post by Tanya Mayer

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