National Aunts and Uncle's Day: The Special Role of Aunts and Uncles in Your Kid's Life

By Hart  |  Posted: July 26, 2018

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    A family consists of many individuals with different roles, and each person has an impact on a child’s upbringing. The role of an aunt or an uncle is a special one because they serve as the child’s second parents. Serving as go-to persons in times of peace and crisis, these family members are people parents can fully trust and rely on for help.

    In most cases, an aunt or uncle love their nieces and nephews a lot and are willing to go out of their way to do whatever they can for them. Whether it’s free babysitting when the parents need a breather or an additional support when the little ones have special events at school, a great aunt or uncle is always happy to come along. The best thing about it is that helping parents is considered less like work and more of giving quality time with the family.

    Playing the role of the “cool version” of parents instills a more liberated and friendly influence in a child’s upbringing, affording a perfect life balance to the more expected, structured and strict expectations from actual parents. We have to admit that these cool adults could serve as influential figures in a child’s life.

    There will be times that a child will get themselves into a bind and will have a fight with their parents. In times like these, the aunts and uncles could be their adult guiding mentor. Whether they need someone to vent to because of the said fight or tell embarrassing stories with, aunts and uncles could not only serve as confidantes, they will serve as wells of wisdom too. They can listen to a child without judgment and presumption that parents can show when addressing touchy issues and they also have a more relaxed approach in offering solutions to a child’s problems. They can steer their nieces or nephews in the right direction without overdoing or overstepping their boundaries.

    Another role that aunts and uncles play is to serve as the forever playmate of a child. Sometimes a child develops a hobby or interest that neither parents share, however often an aunt or uncle has these passions as well. In this case, they will be able to help the child expand their knowledge and grow their horizons on the subject. This is a good way to bond with the child, on top of the fact that they contribute to the child’s growth and development. That, and the entertaining and loving exchange they have with the kids will solidify a loving, respectful and trusting relationship between them.

    Aunts and uncles provide a child a unique kind of love that will stick with them for years. Their role is often under-recognized in terms of importance, even as they play such a big part in a child’s life. Not only can they help strengthen connections with the family’s values and history, they also make a child feel more loved. And no child will ever suffer from receiving so much love.

    So in honor of National Aunt and Uncle’s Day, we salute all of the aunts and uncles who take their roles with so much love and delight!

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