The 3 Best Social Media Tips For Business Owners

By ivan matsumoto  |  Posted: April 11, 2018

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    Social Media, as most people use it, is a platform to engage with your friends and to share interesting things about your life. We now live in the digital age where information is much more readily available and the way we shop or interact with brands has been greatly influenced by social media. What most businesses fail to realise is that social media is an integral part to stay competitive and every business needs to utilise it well. 

    Fortunately for you, we have the top three social media tips to help enhance your platform so you can convert more leads to sales. 

    1. Stop Selling Products, Start Telling Stories

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    As a business owner, we all know that the most important thing for the business to stay alive is cash. If you run out of cash, you won’t be able to pay your overhead dues such as rent and employee salaries.

    This is why most business owners today promote HEAVILY on social media. They basically use Facebook as an online billboard which tells their followers to buy their products and services in every single post.

    Unfortunately, in 2018 (or since forever), people don’t like being sold to on a daily basis. If you keep on doing this, your followers might stop following you because you never give them any value. You always just want to take their money, and put it in your business.

    To fix this, you have to understand that social media is used to tell stories. It could be the story behind your company, how you came up with your products and services, or any relevant news about your business.

    It could even be daily stories such as your employee happily serving the guests or a cute poodle dropping by your store.

    These types of stories would give your audience a behind the scenes look on how you run your business and they would actually be more engaged towards your company. Once they’re engaged, they would be more than happy to take up on your offerings.

    Every now and then, you may throw a right hook asking them to buy your new product or to attend your special event. Just don’t do it all the time.

    2. Engage with Your Audience


    From the word itself, social media is all about being social. You have to engage with your audience.

    When someone comments on your social media post, or asks you a question online, make sure to reply to that person as soon as possible.

    Don’t just simply “like” their comment.

    Answer their queries, if you posted a question and they answer, ask a follow-up question.

    Just keep the conversation going, and if they enjoy the conversation, they would surely engage with your following posts.

    You want to keep your audience engaged so that when you finally “ask for the sale”, there’s a bigger chance of them buying from you.


    3. Be Consistent


    This is the main difference between the companies who are killing it on social media and those who are not.

    A lot of business owners go all in on social for a few months, then when they get bigger, they suddenly stop producing content and/or engaging with their audience.

    Then, they make the excuse of being too busy to run their businesses, that’s why they can’t work on their social media pages anymore.

    This type of mindset would really hurt your business because you would suddenly stop doing the little things that helped you get there in the first place, and most of the time, it’s the little things that matter.

    Stay consistent.

    If you can’t post everyday, make sure to post every other day, as long as you stick to a posting schedule.


    There you go, you have your top 3 tips to better optimise your social media pages.

    Managing multiple social media profiles is a task and it involves a lot of experimentation to find your niche audience. 


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