Rise Up to New Heights with Sky High Indoor Trampoline Park

By Hart  |  Posted: June 22, 2018

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    Heading out of town for an adventure is great, but families can easily find something physical and fun to do in the city. And one of the most visible attractions today are indoor trampoline parks. It’s not only an exciting sport, but it can also be a low-impact workout to help build strength, co-ordination, and balance.

    Come down to Sky High Indoor Trampoline Park and experience what it means to be an aerial athlete!

    Sky High Indoor Trampoline Park

    Climb the foam walls or swim through the foam pits for a Tomb Raider-like adventure. Play ball with friends and dunk all over them in the Basketball Zone. If you’re up to the challenge, you can take on the NINJA Warrior course and crown yourself the ultimate flight artist!

    Sky High Indoor Trampoline Park

    Sky High is a trampoline park suitable for all ages. Smaller kids can trampoline in the Tiny Tots area, while the entire park is open to much older kids. Of course, adults are also welcome to jump around and live out their superhero dreams. But we recommend to be careful around the kids! But if you’re a ground-bound watcher, there is a raised viewing platform available to watch over the action. 

    Sky High Indoor Trampoline Park

    All trampoline facilities are custom-built and tested against the highest safety standards. Their safety staff are available all throughout the park to keep watch over guests. The entire trampoline floor area was built to be inter-connected above an entire new floor level. This ensures that there is no chance for falling off, like what happens in backyard trampolines.

    Get on trampolines for some next-level fun at Sky High Indoor Trampoline Park! Come and enjoy the great attractions and service, starting at $12 per hour!


    Book your kid’s birthday party and he will get in for FREE! You must have 15 kids in the party to redeem this offer.

    One booking and the party is all done for you!

    For more information on the party packages, click here.

    To know more about Sky High and its attractions and services, head on over to their website.






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