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    Studying on a normal day, and most especially for an important test, can sometimes be difficult for both kids and parents. With all these distractions such as social media and the internet, it can be quite difficult to keep your child focused. Good thing that there are simple but foolproof study tips for kids tested against credible research that you could use to great effect.

    Here are a few of them so that your child can ace that exam and his lessons:

    Incorporate a game during study time

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    It could be something as simple as a matching game or playing educational games that can be easily downloaded online. The idea is to associate the feeling of “fun”with “studying”.

    Practice a no-cramming rule

    It goes without saying that cramming won’t be sustainable long-term. Cramming could be traced back to unhealthy habits formed in a kid’s younger years and it would be best to prevent it as soon as possible. Instead of studying all lessons in one go, have your child practice reviewing their lesson for the day for 10-15 minutes every night before going to bed.


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    Old school but still very effective, using flashcards for study concepts or keywords have been proven to help improve memory function.

    Have them make their own study guides

    Based on research, having kids create their own reviewers by predicting what test questions are going to come out in the test helps to prepare them better.

    Write it down

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    Instead of just reading textbooks, encourage your child to take down their own notes. Teach them to take down details that answer the basic questions (what’s, how’s and why’s). By making note-taking a habit, your child will become a more active learner well into his adolescent years.

    The power of colors

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    Use bright colors when you start a review session. Colors such as green and blue are scientifically proven to have positive benefits in learning. Green improves concentration as it helps with calmness and clarity. Blue, on the other hand, helps improve reading comprehension.

    Getting proper sleep

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    Sleep is an essential part of your child’s overall health. Think of your body as a complex computer. By getting proper sleep, the brain is able to rehash information and make better use of it upon waking up.

    With these tips and your guidance, your child is well on his way to becoming a stellar student!

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