Sensory Oasis: Sensory Products for Kids With Special Needs

By Hart  |  Posted: May 11, 2018

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    Raising children is a challenging but rewarding experience that requires patience, dedication and love. But raising children with special needs is a very different experience, with normal parenting issues becoming much more complicated. You will also need to buy sensory products designed to address the needs of special kids. Sensory products have unique properties that allow them to be used for kids with either just one or multiple conditions. Unfortunately, not all stores and retailers offer such products with great quality and value in mind. 

    So where can parents raising children with special needs look for great products at reasonable prices? It may seem impossible, but one mum with such a problem found a solution!

    Jody is a mum based in Melbourne who has three autistic sons- Sebastian, Oliver and Kobe. They all have Sensory Processing Disorder and severe anxiety, while two of them have ADHD. She has spent many hours attending therapy sessions with her children, learning much about their condition and how she could help them with their daily needs.

    With her many hours of study and research, she started searching for different sensory products that could help her children. She then decided to gather all the products that she had tried and tested and put them all in one site. Out of sheer love and belief, she established Sensory Oasis for Kids, named after her three lovable sons!

    Sensory Oasis’ product range includes bath products, puzzles, weighted blankets, sensory toys, and more. Each product in the shop’s catalog was carefully selected from reputable brands, ensuring that safety and kid-friendliness for all ages.

    Here’s a look at some of their premium products:

    Lil’ Turtle from Senseez

    A new addition to the Seneez range of calming cushions, kids can easily carry this small pillow around wherever they go. It gives off a calming vibration when squeezed to help them relax and focus. The turtle has a soft and bumpy texture to it, and its tail is long enough to play with. 

    Perfect for any age, you can get this pillow for those who need extra help to calm nervousness and gain attention.

    Jari Activstool

    Thinking while moving in place is now easier with the Jari Activstool. This lightweight but durable seat was originally developed to help develop better posture while sitting.  A rotating convex base serves as the foundation for the swiveling seat; you have to use your own legs to form a tripod with its one leg.

    With an adjustable seat to serve any height and age, this is the ideal tool for kids who need to constantly move to concentrate. 

    For more information on the different sensory products you can buy for your kids with special needs, head on over to Sensory Oasis for Kids’ website and Facebook page.

    Sensory Oasis for Kids is located at 36 Lobelia Drive, Altona North, 3025 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

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