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    Test: Who’s The Real Mother

    This test of identifying who the real mother is is a popular psychological behaviour test. You’ll need to find clues in the image to spot why the woman sitting on the right or left of the room is the mother of the child.  So who’s the real mother? You might pick up certain signs and are now wondering whether any of them have any indication of the mother/son familial bond. Does what they wear matter? Is the child’s proximity a give away? Is their posture important? Are you looking out for any biological similarities, perhaps? So who’s the real mother? If your choice is the women sitting on the left side: The majority would choose this woman. She appears  more mature, her hair is up, the fact that the child seems closer to her suggests that this is her chid. However, in this case it is not the right answer. The real mother is actually sitting on the other side. If your choice is the women sitting on the right side: You are correct, this one is the actual mother of the child.  Children often look for their parents’ approval, hence they usually face towards them while they are playing or doing something. That is why this woman is the mother.    Did you get the right answer? Share with someone to test their ability to detect.  

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    The Benefits of Dance for Kids

    “And I watched them, hand in hand, on the edge of the sand, as they danced by the light of the moon!” sighed Edward Lear as he watched his kids dance with absolutely no tune but the melodies of the stridulating crickets and the croaking frogs. Anyone watching would second Martha Graham’s thoughts as she expressed dance as the hidden language of the soul. Such is the beauty that comes from dancing – whether watching or being watched; you just can’t help but get carried away. It even gets better when watching little bambinos and bambinas embracing the beauty of the art and gracefully moving to every tune. Well, if that very reason isn’t enough to get your kid to the best dance school, then perhaps getting to understand how they will benefit will be more convincing. At the end of the day, who doesn’t want the optimal best for their little bundle of joy? Why You Should Introduce Them to Dance Earlier On Reasons here may differ since they are totally subjective. You should start by assessing whether they have any interest in the art. It would be futile to try and impose something on them that just isn’t for them. You shouldn’t assume that since you are or were the best dancer the same would naturally occur to your neonate. As a matter of fact, if you sense continued resistance, you should try exploring other fields. But, if they have embraced dancing in their hearts, this article is for you. Dancing is quite different since it can be categorized both as a sport as well as an art. This means dance for kids will have an impact both on their physical wellbeing as well as have a number or two on their mental, spiritual as well as physical. That is the first reason your kid shouldn’t miss out on any class. Look Good Feel Good This is a universal rule and it applies to every Tom, Dick and Jane: looking good translates to a good feeling which basically boosts one confidence. Dance for kids helps them become aware of their bodies from a very early stage in their lives. This enables them to accept who they are and even take better care of themselves at that infant stage. Imagine what this could mean for them when others are busy struggling to maintain a figure in their adolescence. You will simply be setting a smooth pace which they’ll have nothing but gratitude to you for life. Intelligence and Charm Remember when we mentioned the mental effect dance has on you? Well, dance for kids is known to bring about a higher sense of intelligence as most parents have reported better performances even in the school setting. We are yet to have a scientific explanation for that, but we can attribute that to the ability of dance to open up the body, mind and soul. What’s more, since your kids won’t be practicing alone in their backyards, it simply means Read more [...]

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    WIN a FREE Bubble and Bee Baby Play Mat

    Fun Kids Guide is offering Australian parents a chance to win an incredible Baby Play Mat by Bubble and Bee.  The colourful and playful characters keeps the baby engaged and allows them to explore the huge space of the mat but safe within the soft, foam edges. Parents can relax at ease knowing that their baby is safe to roll, wriggle and play on their favourite Baby Play Mat.   100% cotton canvas with soft plush layer Foam bumper to protect infant’s head Completely machine washable. Safe for soft baby skin (no harmful chemicals or dyes). Easy pack and transportation. What Do You Win? Lucky winner gets to choose 1 of 3  fantastic designs: Tree Top Tango Play Mat ($149 RRP) 140x140cm Dinosaur Dilemna Play Mat ($149 RRP) 140x140cm Underground World Play Mat ($149 RRP) 140x140cm Process 1) We select a winner that will be announced on Tuesday  October 23 on Fun Kids Guide Australia Page. 2) Lucky winner will be contacted directly on Facebook with further instructions.  3) After informing Bubble and Bee their preferred mat design and postal address, expect up to 7 days for delivery to arrive (depending on where it is in Australia). Delivery is free of charge.  Guidelines 1) Easy! LIKE the Fun Kids Guide Australia  to qualify for the draw. 2) Prizes will only be delivered to an Australian postal code. 3) Application deadline is 23:59 AEST on Monday October 22. Winner is announced Tuesday October 23. Any further application after the deadline will not be counted to the draw.  For more information about the products visit their website: Check out their Fun Kids Guide Listing Page. Follow them on Facebook here. Competition Terms and Conditions (PLEASE READ CAREFULLY) 1. Fun Kids Guide Australia and Bubble and Bee reserve the right to choose their winner based on a random draw that follows the competition guidelines. 2. Both parties also reserve the right to pull contestants off from the competition if they believe has not complied with these terms and conditions or acted in good faith. This also includes taking down any inappropriate posts or blocking persons for their unacceptable behaviour.  3. If the winner does not redeem their prize after 3 days, another winner will be contacted privately.  4. Any discussion or promises made after Fun Kids Guide Australia passes the winner to Bubble and Bee, Fun Kids Guide Australia will not be liable to the prize arrangement and should dispute any claims to Bubble and Bee.  5.  If the winner has been announced but has not received contact from Bubble and Bee or Fun Kids Guide Australia about instructions for redeeming their prize, please contact the Fun Kids Guide Australia Facebook messenger directly. 6. Any queries about the competition that has not been mentioned on the Guidelines page, kindly leave a message on the Fun Kids Guide Australia Facebook messenger.  Allow 24 hours for a reply back. (We respond only during 9-5 AEST business hours) 7. If a design is not available due to stock shortage, Bubble and Bee must inform Read more [...]

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    7 Ways You Can Make Outdoor Activities Fun for Your Kids

    Do you catch yourself telling children how you would enjoy going out to play as kids? If so, it could be a sign that young members in your family are spending less time outside, which is way different from what you’re used to. There may be various reasons for this change, but a lot of it may be lifestyle-related. With the presence of mobile devices in many homes today, children are becoming exposed to mobile gaming more and more. Some children also attend organised groups after school, so they lack the time and energy to do different activities for kids. This is really unfortunate, considering that outdoor activities offer many benefits for children. Spending time outdoors gives kids an opportunity to explore their surroundings and feel comfortable in them. It’s also a great way to make new friends, not to mention that moving about makes them physically and mentally alert. There’s no doubt that kids can acquire many skills from being outside the house. This makes it important for you to exert extra effort, so kids will find outdoor activities more appealing. From here, they’ll be encouraged to go out more and sweat it out under the sun, too. If you’re worried about how to make things fun for your kids outside of your home, you could check out this infographic for some simple ideas, tips, and tricks. Outdoor Activities for Fun-Filled Learning By nature, children like playing and have a very curious mind. This makes outdoor settings the perfect venue to let your kids have fun and learn at the same time through the following activities: Scavenger hunt Scavenger hunts involve looking for items in the natural surroundings that your kids could classify into groups. Walk leisurely on the park with your children and conduct a scavenger hunt for leaves, stones, flowers, and the like. Go to an area where there are various kinds of trees or plants. You could have your kids look for leaves with different line patterns and lay them on the ground. Later on, they should count how many kinds of leaves they found. To make sure the winds do not blow the leaves away, you could ask your children to find different types of rock and place them on top of the leaves. Bike ride Biking can be a reliable way of getting your kids outside. Let them ride with you on a bicycle sidecar. Alternatively, you could let them ride one of those with training wheels to make them feel safe as they try to move the handlebars and pedals. Before your bike ride, you could check out which communities or areas have bike trails that lead to spaces like parks, riverways, or lakefronts where you could cool down after your ride. Photo walk If you think your children have a knack for photography, a photo walk would be an enjoyable activity for them. You don’t need to buy an expensive camera with tripod when you have your Polaroid camera sitting at the Read more [...]