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    Awesome Games For Your Children

    Kids learn best through activities that engage their curiosity and creativity. When it comes to this, what kind of activities are better than games? Below is a list of just some of the many benefits of play. You can forge a deeper bond with your children as you play games with them. If they play with other children, they can learn to get along with others. Games often require or encourage communication, meaning your children will be able to practice their language skills. Your children will be able to develop motor skills. Children will almost always have fun when playing games. Fun helps your children boost their mood and their psychological well-being. Activities like these will help your child improve their self-esteem. Games will help your child become more independent and will teach them self-regulation. The younger kids learn to control their emotions and behaviour, the more successful they are in classroom learning, and in life. Don’t know where to start? We got you covered! Check out the list below for some game suggestions and ideas!   Balance beam This is both fun and challenging. It’ll be even more interesting if you offer a simple reward to the winner. Also, this game is easier to set up than you think! All you need to do is create straight or curved lines with sticky tape. The child, or child at heart, that can walk the length of the tape without stepping on the bare floor wins. You can use multiple colours and have unique rules for them. For example, if the tape is blue, participants must walk with one hand on his head. 2. Freeze dance   When it comes to fun, nothing beats a dance party! This game is one of the best games for your child to learn self-regulation. Tell everyone that they must hold still once the music stops. The first person to move is eliminated for the next round. The game ends when only one person is left. Don’t forget to encourage your children and help them improve their self-esteem by giving them a simple reward. 3.  Touch and feel   This game is a great way to train your little ones’ minds to identify objects without their sense of sight. This will also help improve their memory. To play, all you need to do is place several interesting objects into containers, and have your child identify them by touch. Another way to play is by blindfolding them and having them identify items that are placed on a table.  Traffic lights This game will not only teach your children to obey the rules, it might also save their life when they become old enough to drive! One person will play the traffic cop and turns to face a wall. The first person to tag the traffic cop wins. However, they can only move once the cop shouts “Green!” If the cop shouts “Red!” The other participants must stop, and the cop gets to check if everyone obeys. Read more [...]

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    Aikido Yoshinkai NSW

    Exploring the idea of having your child attend martial arts classes? Let us help you decide! Below are just a few reasons to do so!   Your child will develop self-defense skills All parents think about their children’s safety. Learning these skills doesn’t guarantee their safety but it can help us worry a little bit less.   Martial arts will help your child stay fit. Your child will develop confidence. Martial arts will help your children gain self-discipline. The classes will present your children with opportunities to socialize and compete with other students.   The most famous martial arts include Karate, boxing, Judo, Taekwondo, Aikido, and Muay Thai! If you’re looking for an Aikido class in Sydney, then we recommend that you visit Marrickville’s Aikido Yoshinkai NSW!   But first, what is Aikido anyway?   This martial art is often referred to as the way of harmony. It does not promote aggression or violence. It focuses on helping people to redirect an opponent’s attack or momentum and use it against them.   Aikido Yoshinkai was established in 2005 by Darren Friend and Peggy Woo. Their extensive training in Japan and their exposure to Japanese culture has given them a unique insight and perspective, which they bring to every single class!   AYNSW offers both group and private classes in Yoshinkan Aikido and Shinto Muso Ryu(sword and staff.)   All instructors are registered with the Yoshinkan Aikido headquarters in Tokyo and are Australian certified with the Martial Arts Industry Association. This includes background checks and working with children certification.   The establishment firmly believes in establishing solid ties within, and contribution to the community. It runs an afternoon Aikido program dedicated to providing a safe and fun environment for kids to better themselves and grow as individuals.   The Aiki Kids program emphasises cooperation, discipline, focus and concentration. The techniques taught are simplified and made appropriate for younger people to begin their aikido training. Each class is fast paced but repeats the same basic elements in different ways, in order to repeatedly practise of basics but without the boredom.   The Aiki Kids program is open to children aged 5 and above. Throughout the years, there have been several students who have made their journey from Aiki Kids to the regular adult classes! There are several families training in the dojo! Children truly enjoy practicing martial arts with their parents!   What are you waiting for? Contact AYNSW for more details and to arrange a free trial session! Please follow and like us:

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    All 4 Kids Playcentre

    Have you ever wondered how your child can benefit from play areas?   We have! And in our search for answers, we found several reasons why us parents should make sure that our children have enough experience in this regard!   Playing freely is incredibly important for children to relax and have fun! Indoor play areas are places where the little ones can have fun and be active in a safe, clean and colourful environment!   We’ve listed just some of the benefits of having your children experience indoor play areas!   Playing in indoor play areas will help your child develop social skills. The experience will help your children become socially aware and will help them gain confidence to interact with others.   Playing in indoor play areas will keep your child active and healthy! These days, most children spend their time at home watching TV and that’s not good for them! Engaging in physical activities will help them become healthier, both emotionally and physically!   Safety Safety. One of the most important words when it comes to our children! Most indoor play areas use equipment specifically designed to keep kids from injuring themselves!   Indoor play areas can help encourage your child’s creativity! Interacting with other children will help your child develop their imagination. They can learn to be more expressive and curious.   Looking for the best play area in Geelong? Check out our recommendation below!   All 4 Kids Playcentre is THE state-of-the-art, safe, and secure indoor play centre for children, and the young at heart!   The establishment is open daily and has something to offer for the whole family!   Whether you’re booking your child’s birthday party or catching up for coffee in the establishment’s modern café, their wonderful and friendly staff would be more than happy to assist you!     There facility has a pre-walk area, and a toddler area. For safety and hygiene purposes, all children and adults are required to wear socks while on the equipment. No socks, no play! Please keep in mind that a parent or guardian is required to be present at all times. No food is allowed inside the establishment, except for baby food.   Admission is free for adults, and infants under 12 months.   What are you waiting for? Bring the whole family to All 4 Kids and experience its fantastic climbing, sliding, and jumping facilities! We promise that your children will love it!   Click here for more info on their birthday packages! Please follow and like us:

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    Integrated Combat Centre Sydney

    Some of you might be wondering how your children can benefit from martial arts, and we’re here to answer that question! Below are a few reasons why it’s a good idea.   Your child will develop self-defense skills All parents think about their children’s safety. Learning these skills doesn’t guarantee their safety but it can help us worry a little bit less.   Martial arts will help your child stay fit. Your child will develop confidence. Martial arts will help your children gain self-discipline. The classes will present your children with opportunities to socialize and compete with other students. The most famous martial arts include Karate, kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, and MMA. If you’re interested in any of the styles we mentioned, then you should give the Integrated Combat Centre a shot. The Sydney establishment offers all the styles we mentioned, and more!   ICC opened in 2013 with the aim of providing a one-stop shop for all your martial arts, health, and fitness needs! They welcome all fitness and skill levels! Their programs are primed for weight loss, developing whole body strength and one of the fastest ways to get fit whilst having fun!   The establishment focuses on discipline, respect, and humility. The people behind ICC are more than happy to go the extra mile to understand each individual’s ability and help them exceed their expectations through technique and application.   They also offer classes teaching concepts from Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do! It utilises kickboxing, trapping, grappling and weapons to create a well-rounded martial artist. Their weapons training can improve cognitive brain function and develop bi manual coordination and faster reflexes.   The ICC is truly a place where anyone, from absolute beginners to professional athletes, can go to learn, train and grow under one roof.   What are you waiting for? Book classes now!   Visit their website to start your free 7-day trial! Please follow and like us:

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    Mega Adventure Park Adelaide

    Want to have screen-free family fun? If so, then Mega Adventure Park is the perfect place for you! Mega Adventure Park offers various activities that can satisfy thrill seekers of all ages. Check them out below! Mega Climb This area has over 70 obstacles for you to tackle at your own level and speed. Try playing tennis in the sky or rowing a boat mid-air! There are even sky-high picnic tables! It’s simply perfect for anyone wanting a stimulating experience! If you’re up for the ultimate challenge, feel free to take a leap of faith from the facility’s Mega Jump, all in the safety of their world-class harnesses!   Giant Swing Enjoy unique views of the ocean and the beautiful Adelaide coastline by hopping aboard the Giant Swing!   Sky Walk Experience Adelaide from above without a harness! Revel in the views of the ocean and the beautiful Adelaide coastline as you go on a relaxing stroll!   Mega Bounce With its elastic power cords, this special trampoline allows you to launch yourself into the air while performing flips and somersaults. Tickets for this activity cannot be purchased online. If this interests you, visit the park and speak to the staff! This awesome establishment is open all year round! Mega Adventure also offers customisable and objective-based team building programs, education programs, birthday parties, and more! Mega Adventure truly provides everyone with opportunities to discover more about themselves and the world of excitement and possibilities that surround them. What are you waiting for? Experience it yourselves! Click here to for more info on their packages and to book a session! Please follow and like us:

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    Northern Districts Gymnastics Club Perth

    Are you exploring the idea of having your child attend gymnastics classes? Below are a few reasons why you should! Your children will gradually increase their flexibility and gain greater coordination. Gymnastics is good for your child’s bone health. It will help children stay fit, become more resistant to diseases, and become healthier overall. It will help them build personal discipline. Your children will be able to socialise and compete with others, which can help build their self-esteem and boost their self-confidence. All these benefits can make a huge difference in your children’s day to day life, as well as their future. Gymnastics will help them grow into a better person! If you’re looking for gymnastic classes in Perth, then the Northern Districts Gymnastics Club is one of the best places to get started! The NDGC was originally established in 1973. It has maintained a strong commitment to providing people of all ages and skill level opportunities to participate in gymnastic activities. It has a long history of club members competing at state, national and international competitions, including the Olympics. Below are some of the programs they offer. Kindergym This program focuses on movement-based activities such as balancing, sliding, rolling, running, swinging, jumping and plenty more! It assists your child’s development of coordination, confidence and creativity in a fun and safe environment. There are separate classes for 2 year olds, 3 year olds, and 4-5 year olds. Recreational Gym This program offers progression through skills such as handstands, forward rolls, and cartwheels. It promotes and develops coordination, flexibility and strength. Children will have full use of all apparatus including beams, vault, bars, trampolines, and a fully sprung floor. Holiday Programs During holidays, they offer activities that will help children experience a variety of fun challenges and gym-based activities. There are games, basic gymnastics classes, movies, music, and dancing! This program caters to children between the ages of 4 and 12. Adult Gym It’s important for us parents to think of our own fitness as well! This program is designed to condition the whole body, and to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, power, endurance, balance, and coordination. Teen Gym This program offers everything from traditional gymnastics skills to movement-based skills, which include parkour and ninja! This was designed for children between the ages of 12 and 15. Freestyle Gymnastics Just like Teen Gym, the Freestyle program offers everything from traditional gymnastics skills to movement-based skills! This program was developed with children between the ages of 9 and 13 in mind, and is perfect for kids with a lot of energy! It’ll get them active whilst still being skill-based, fast-paced, and fun! They also offer State Levels Programs, Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Squad programs, and Men’s   Artistic Gymnastics Squad programs for those who want to take the Olympic sport more seriously! Interested? Visit their website for more info! Click here to check out their full class timetable, and here to enrol! Please follow and like us:

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    Off-Piste Ski & Snowboard

    Planning a ski trip with your loved ones? Then Off-Piste Ski & Snowboard Simulation Training Centre is the perfect place to get everyone ski-ready!   But before we get into that, here are just a few reasons why you should get into snow sports.   It’s fun! Both skiing and snowboarding are very enjoyable winter sports! It does take a bit of practice to get to a good level, and our recommendation for today, Off-Piste Ski & Snowboard, can help with that! Once you master the basics, you’ll have the freedom to explore the wonderful landscape you’ll be surrounded by! It’s a great way to get fit! Skiing and snowboarding is a thrilling way to connect with nature! Marvel at the beauty of the wonderful landscapes and enjoy the clean and fresh air in the area! Honestly, the only downside to snow sports is the fact that you can’t do it all year! But that’s where Off-Piste Ski & Snowboard comes in! Off-Piste Ski & Snowboard Simulation Training Centre is paving the way to a whole new urban approach to snow sports, making it accessible to anyone and everyone, regardless of the season. Training at Off-Piste Ski & Snowboard Simulation can help you become more confident in your skills, become fit enough to enjoy the slopes all day, and/or refresh your abilities from last season! The establishment’s state-of-the-art technology and the staff’s tailored approach will help make sure that you and your loved ones will enjoy your upcoming trip to the snow! Off-Piste truly is the only destination for a life-like alpine experience and off-snow skiing and snowboarding. They have sessions that are suited for all skill levels! What are you waiting for? Book a session now! Please follow and like us:

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    Butterfly Creek

    Want your child to have encounters with various animals? Then we recommend giving Butterfly Creek a visit!   Before we talk more about Butterfly Creek, here are just a few reasons why animal encounters are important. Animal encounters are good ways to connect with nature! Exposing your child to the wonders of nature will help your child see and appreciate its beauty! The unique experience of an animal’s touch and smell and looking at them directly in the eye moves us to care more deeply about protecting these animals and the environment! Animal encounters are valuable learning opportunities! These experiences take children and adults alike beyond traditional zoo visits! You get to interact with and observe animals directly! You can even speak with knowledgeable and dedicated staff who manage the animals’ care! Children learn best in environments that arouse their curiosity and interest. Getting close to animals can be a fun bonding experience that facilitates learning! We truly believe that animal encounters are good for you and your loved ones! If you’re looking for animal encounters in Auckland, Butterfly Creek is one of the best places to go!   Immerse yourselves in the establishment’s Butterfly House or travel back in time to the Dinosaur Kingdom! They offer encounters with various animals, including short-finned eels, numerous reptiles, kiwis, crocodiles, fish, bugs, otters, and even farmyard animals! They also have an exhibition on mythic creatures! The people behind Butterfly House understand that you need a place to relax, which is why they have a café! Sit down and have a cup of coffee as your child enjoys the playground! If your child loves trains, Butterfly Creek also offers rides around the establishment! What are you waiting for? Give them a visit now! Click here for more info on ticket prices! Please follow and like us:

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    Escape Mate NZ

    Looking for an exciting, fun and unique indoor family activity? Then look no further than Escape Mate!   Escape rooms are the coolest indoor activities in town! Escape Mate’s offerings are suitable for all ages and occasions! It’s perfect for team building events, birthday parties, family events, or even unique date nights!   Escape Mate offers high-tech magical puzzles, mysterious and intricate storylines, as well as super immersive themes and game designs! It provides an exquisite group experience, featuring two gripping 60-minute games with captivating scenarios.   You can choose from two experiences: Ancient Temple, and Spaceship! You can either explore the ancient temple ruins of a long lost civilization and save the world from the apocalypse, or work as a team to decrypt alien technology and prevent an impending alien invasion!   Be prepared for a fun-filled challenging game, where everyone will have to work together to accomplish their mission!   If you’re not sure if you should give it a try, here are a few reasons why you should!   Escape rooms challenge your mind! Constantly challenging your mind can make a huge difference to you or your child’s mental health! The challenges also present great opportunities for your little ones to learn!   Escape rooms encourage teamwork! It’s very difficult to complete the challenges alone! They’re designed to encourage communication and collaboration!   It helps develop creativity and critical thinking! Escape rooms are a great way to build these 21st century skills out of the confines of the classroom!   Escape rooms provide opportunities for social interaction! These days, people communicate mainly through social media or via phones. Escape rooms provide a place to meet up with friends, family, and even co-workers for true social interaction!     It’s fun! Did you know? Having fun every once in a while can make a huge difference on your health!   What are you waiting for? Start your adventure now!   Visit Escape Mate’s website to book a session!   Please follow and like us:

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    Mayhem Creations

    At some stage, every girl dreams of becoming a princess, fairy or ballerina. And Mayhem Creations is here to help you make their dreams come true!   Make your baby girl feel special by getting her one of the wonderful hand-tied tutus made by Mariana Martin, Auckland’s top hand-tied tutu designer!   Tutus are perfect for every occasion! Whether you’re preparing to attend a birthday party, a wedding, a photoshoot, or if you’re looking for a Christmas present, Mayhem Creations is here to help!   The establishment’s online tutu store has a large variety of predesigned tutu colour combinations, but they also custom-make tutus upon request for no extra charge! The people behind Mayhem Creations are aware that tutu skirts are a dream come true for every wannabe princess, dancer, and party girl! There is no tutu that they can’t make and no tutu that you can’t order! They offer free delivery to non-rural addresses across New Zealand!   What are you waiting for? Check out their tutu shop now! Visit their website for more info! Please follow and like us:

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    Puzzling World

    If you’re looking for a fun and unique experience, Puzzling World is the perfect place for you! Puzzling World is an iconic, world-unique attraction that has been fascinating people of all ages for over 45 years! Take advantage of the establishment’s numerous optical illusions to capture eyebrow-raising moments and to immortalise priceless memories with your loved ones! One visit to this wonderful establishment will convince you that it truly is Wanaka’s Wonderful World of Weirdness! Make sure to pose alongside the Tumbling Towers and The Leaning Tower of Wanaka! They both offer great photo opportunities. Friends and family can appear to hold, push or rip apart the tower! Even the bathrooms here are photogenic! The Roman Loos and Puzzle Abyss toilets are decorated with incredible floor and wall art that seem to absorb the user with its imagery! Boggle your mind and challenge your perceptions of reality by visiting Puzzling World’s numerous Illusion Rooms! One room uses one of the world’s largest displays of 3D hologram photos to make it look like 168 famous faces follow you around! Another room makes you appear smaller or larger! There’s also a gallery of incredible illusionary sculptures! Make sure to give The Great Maze a go! It’s the world’s first 3D maze! It encourages problem solving, exercise, and fun! It’s designed to suit all ages! Worried about getting lost? No problem! There are emergency exits for those who may struggle to find their way out! Puzzling World truly is the perfect place to go for a fun, challenging and sensory experience! You don’t have to take our word for it! Go experience it yourself! Visit their website for more info! Click here to find out more about ticket prices! Please follow and like us:

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    Looking for beautiful, high-quality, durable, and educational toys? If so, you should definitely check out Squoodles, New Zealand’s number one wooden toy shop! Squoodles is a family-owned business based in the Waitakere Foothills. They offer secure online shopping and speedy delivery across New Zealand and even overseas! The people behind the establishment chose to create a wooden toy shop because they want your children to be able to pass down their toys to their kids! These days, many toys, even the expensive ones, are fragile and easily broken. At Squoodles, all their products are very durable, educational, and competitively priced! They have everything from wooden stacking rings, to building blocks, and challenging puzzles! They even have wooden musical instruments, puppets, and various costumes! Squoodles is also a regular at Baby Show Expos, which are held annually around New Zealand, including in Auckland, Christchurch, Wellington and Hamilton! If you’re still not convinced, below are a few good reasons why you should choose wooden toys. Wooden toys are environmentally sound! Wooden toys are much more environmentally friendly compared to plastic toys! They are biodegradable and can be recycled! Wooden toys have plenty of educational qualities. Sure, some toys made of plastic can be educational. But some of the classic staple wooden toys include puzzles, building blocks, and miniature construction sets, which can all help children with literacy, numeracy, motor skills, reasoning and problem solving. It even improves hand-eye coordination! Wood has become the material symbol of timelessness, authenticity, and refinement in the modern educational toy! People concentrate better when they work or study in an environment with wood. The presence of wood in a classroom, play area, or even workplaces is both calming and stimulating! It sets our minds and bodies at ease. It can help us learn better, think better, and be more creative! Wooden toys are more durable. Like we mentioned earlier, toys can take a battering from their young owners! Plastic toys can be brittle. Anything digital has a risk of malfunctioning and becoming obsolete. Wooden toys on the other hand, can endure rough treatment and last for generations. Passing down your toy to your child can also be a heart-warming experience! Wooden toys promote social interaction. Computer games are becoming increasingly dazzling but can often be a solitary activity for children. Physical toys can foster interacting with other children! Wooden toys can fire up your child’s imagination. Wooden toys are naturally devoid of sound or interaction in themselves, allowing children to supply their own voices and sound effects! Modern toys do everything for the child, while simple toys like these allow for role-playing and world-building! What are you waiting for? Go and get wonderful toys for your child now! Click here for a list of all Squoodles products!  Please follow and like us: