QUIZ: Are You Introver or Extrovert? Take This Test!

By ivan matsumoto  |  Posted: December 19, 2018

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    Personality is never binary. Are you introvert or extrovert or in between? Want to know where you fit on the scale? Take the quiz below!
    Ambivertness tells us a bit about our personality. It tells us if we are outgoing and sociable or quiet and introspective. It can change depending on the situation and it can change as we grow older. Personality is never binary, that’s why an ambivertness scale or spectrum can tell us where our “true temperaments” lie.
    Want to know where you fit on the scale? Take the quiz below!


    Introvert or Extrovert? Did you learn something about your personality? See below what the ambivert scale looks like:

    Fully Introverted

    You have a reserved and introspective personality. Introverts tend to be inward turning, or focused more on internal thoughts. It doesn’t mean they are hermits who hide away in dark caves.
    Daria is one example of an introvert. A lot of people could relate to this popular 90s character. In a culture where society expects you to be happy, Daria normalised introspective behaviour and made it acceptable to have a resting b—- face.

    Other Notable Extreme Introverts: 

    Violet Incredible – The Incredibles

    Sherlock Holmes – The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

    Willy Wonka and Charlie Bucket – Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    Bilbo Baggins – The Hobbit

    Katniss Everdeen – The Hunger Games Saga

    Ambivert with Introvert Functions

    You’re an ambivert but with some introverted qualities. Your personality could include being sociable (for a limited duration), outgoing (infrequently), and enthusiastic (until your smile starts to hurt).
    Your friend circle is small but you enjoy and feel comfortable with their company. You know how to have some fun but the idea of a night-in with some light reading/watching Netflix sounds much more appealing than a long night out. Once in a blue moon you do allow yourself to let your hair down.
    Hermione Granger is a good example of a introvert because she is studious and prefers the company of books. Every so often, she, Ron and Harry go off on adventures and surprises them whenever she displays uncharacteristic behaviour (like for example, punching Malfoy in the face).


    You’re an ambivert; you have a personality that’s equally extroverted and introverted. When you want to be, you can switch from being the most magnetic person in the room to being a total recluse. Just like they can act like an extrovert in social situations but also an introvert when alone.
    Batman a.k.a. Bruce Banner is a perfect example of someone living this dual lifestyle. Bruce (the billionaire, philantropist, and playboy) draws a lot of public attention whilst his alter ego, the Batman the Dark Knight, keeps his distance away from the other members of the Justice League.
    It’s very advantageous to have a personality that changes on the situation. Careful that you’re not mistaken for having multiple personalities.

    Ambivert with Extrovert Functions

    You’re an ambivert but with some extroverted qualities. Your personality could include being sociable, outgoing and enthusiastic. You may be known to have lots of friends or are well-connected. But your ‘fun switch’ is not always 100% on. You might be extroverted to a select group of friends and you’re only the centre of attention when you have to be.
    Barney Stinson from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ is a classic example of being known to approach any woman he desires and always promises his nights to be ‘legend-wait for it-ary’. The truth is, if he finds you worthy of his awesomeness then he will surely give you a good time.

    Fully Extroverted

    You have an outgoing and personable personality. Extroverts love to receive attention from others and are typically the life of the party.
    Spongebob is one classic example of an extreme extrovert, so much so that he likes to involve all his friends to his activities including his neighbour Squidworth, whom feels nettled by his constant disturbance.

    Notable Extreme Extroverts: 

    Ash Ketchum – Pokemon

    Tony Stark – Marvel Comics

    Woody – Toy Story

    Jordan Belfort – The Wolf of Wall Street

    Dory – Finding Nemo


    Learned something about yourself? Share with a friend so they can take the test to find out if they are more of an introvert or extrovert!

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