QUIZ: Are You Actually A Nice Person?

By ivan matsumoto  |  Posted: December 21, 2018

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    So you think you are nice? Answer these situational questions from our fun personality test and find out if you really are a good or a bad person.

    Can you still be a good person even if you were unkind or sometimes perceived as ‘not nice’? Philosophically speaking, morality and ‘being nice’ are not mutually exclusive. So even if you tell a white lie or take that last slice of cake without asking, that doesn’t mean you are entirely a bad person – right??

    Well, that’s what this quiz will determine. 

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    You’ll be asked some situational questions. Choose an appropriate response that’s closest to what you would instinctively do (not what you hope to be like – honesty will give a better answer!) 

    So ready to find out the limitations of your ‘niceness’? Let’s find out!


    Did you get the result that you expected? Check below what your answers could have been.

    You’re ‘Ned Flanders’ Nice

    Doing good and being kind is in your nature and you don’t seek approval, you do it because it’s the moral thing to do either through faith or just following a moral code.

    You’re not just nice, you’re a saint! (You might have some skeletons in the closet but is anyone really perfect?)


    You’re ‘Mitch and Cam’ Nice

    Make no mistake, you are a moral person but you make it your business to let others know that how good you are (perhaps seeking some sort of approval or reward). You have a big heart but you won’t let your generoristy get taken advantage of. You’ll fight back and play dirty if you have to, but that’s just not your style.

    You’re nice but you are might also be a bit vain, sly, and opinionated. But you protect people from their feelings and try to solve problems diplomatically.

    You’re ‘Tony Stark’ Nice

    You’re not dastasrdly evil but you don’t really care about being such a goody two-shoes like Captain America.

    You generally have a big ego but you would step in to save the day when the people closest to you need help. People might have cursed you before but they don’t know that underneath that iron skin of yours is a hero’s heart. (Rolls eyes cos of hearing cheesy writing).

    You’re nice, but you’re also confrontational, rude and you don’t like people. But every so often you do such a generous thing and you do it because it’s kind.


    You’re ‘Mean Girls’ Mean

    So you’re not actually nice. But that just means you are driven and you know what you want. Maybe what you got is attitude and a big personality. ‘Haters can hate’ is probably your motto.

    You’re not nice, but you don’t care.

    What do you think? Share your result with your friends to convince them you’re a nice person (or not)!

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