5 Unanswered Questions After Watching Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

By Hart  |  Posted: June 27, 2018

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    The latest installment in the Jurassic Park franchise was great family fun. But it left us adults wanting more!

    Let’s not mince words here: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, by its own merits, is a really entertaining movie. True, it could have been better than its predecessor, but we digress. The movie’s approach straddled the line between entertaining kids and giving something adults can chew on. And if we consider this hypothesis to be actually true, then J.A. Bayona’s entry into this beloved franchise left a lot to be desired.

    What would take a Hollywood mega draw today to entertain kids- bigger explosions, bigger set pieces, an adorable child character to play vicariously in- is very doable. But you also have to keep the older people in the room entertained with interesting plot points. We are happy say that, apart from a much needed Jeff Goldblum cameo, (at least) the movie got this right. Or not? Here are the 5 confounding things we found after watching Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

    WARNING: Spoilers Ahead!


    So, what now?

    Towards the last 30 minutes of the film, we saw that there was a large probability that the dinosaurs will not make it. But then the Indoraptor gets out-raptored by Blue and all the dinosaurs are freed into the great, new world. We could not fathom that some of our favorite giant lizards can now inexplicably turn up at the local McDonalds. 

    Our new little heroine Maisie (more on her later) decided to go against Claire Dearing and Owen Grady and set up a question mark of a sequel. Mills mentioned that they wanted to save 13 species from Isa Nublar’s demise, but it was not clear that that was the definite number of dinos that made it to the end. It was not clear as well as to what Eli Mills’ end game was. It had to be more than just wanting to make a few hundred millions, right? He attempted to smuggle the Indominus Rex bone away, knowing full well he can start a new dinosaur empire. And even if the authorities managed to round up all the dinosaurs back, will they consider sticking them on another uninhabited island? 

    This second of a planned trilogy felt more like a set up for the true sequel instead of a full, concise film. Too bad, as we will have to wait until June 2021 to see what happens to Blue and that Mesosaurus.

    What will happen to the Lockwood Estate?

    The movie introduced us to Benjamin “Ben” Lockwood, a close friend of Dr. John Hammond and his partner in the creation of Jurassic Park. It was explained in this film that Lockwood decided to preserve Hammond’s legacy by saving the dinosaurs on the island from extinction. We also found out that Mills works for Lockwood as the steward of his estate and as an intermediate guardian for Maisie. 

    Unfortunately, we would see his efforts crumble, not only because of the scheming Mills, but also because of the black market auction held beneath the estate by Gunnar Eversol. How Lockwood never knew that a secret meeting of warlords, criminals, and deceiving corporate executives was happening right beneath his feet, we will never know. And because of his death at the hands of his greedy employee, the entire Lockwood fortune will be left under lock and key.

    There is also the concern about Masrani Corporation and InGen: whatever happened to the company after the fall of Jurassic World? In one of the film’s first scenes, a BBC news cast featured the multinational giant paying more than $800 million in damages to those affected by the first island disaster. That surely would have affected the profit margins of the once mighty conglomerate: the ‘company website’ issued a letter to its investors about ‘unforseen circumstances at Jurassic World’, resulting in the ‘worst financial crisis’ the company has gone through. Could it be that the Lockwood Estate bought shares in Masrani to keep the dinosaur-creation business afloat?

    Who is Maisie Lockwood?

    Joining the Murphys and the Mitchells in the franchise is Maisie Lockwood, the intrepid granddaughter of Ben. We were introduced to her when she eavsdropped on Claire’s visit to the Lockwood Estate. She does her own fact-finding mission to discover essentially the film’s plot. She later on becomes a crucial player when she set free the dying dinosaurs from their holding cells. Throughout the film, we see her as this kid who is not afraid to go against what she is told (bless that nanny), as well as her close bond with her grandfather. 

    But early on, we picked up several hints that she may not be who she really is. It turns out that Maisie is actually a 10 year old clone of her Lockwood’s daughter, who died in a car accident before the events of the film. Iris, the family caretaker, is always stern with her conduct but is also highly protective of her. Mills even said to Lockwood that Hammond was correct in saying that Ben did “an unholy thing”. It turns out Lockwood is more than just an upstanding philanthropist.

    We were left scratching with our raptor-like claws over this. Its just baffling to think that Lockwood would create a clone of her daughter out of sheer love alone. Also, Hammond died sometime in 1997, several years before this new film. The events just do not line up chronologically given Maisie’s age and the time her ‘mother’ passed away. Was this clone of Maisie a successful copy among several attempts? Is Lockwood’s human cloning lab also in the estate, or is it in a separate facility?

    Who is Dr. Wu really working for?

    Dr. Henry Wu, surprisingly, is still alive to create mayhem for another movie. The character with the most screen time since the first films, the creator of the Indominus Rex also came up with its successor. Faster, smarter, and more lethal with its laser-audio targeting training, the Indoraptor was said by Eversol to be the ‘most dangerous creature to ever walk the Earth’. The character has become synonymous to human-stalking theropods and will continue to plot for… whatever he wants to come up with in the next film. 

    This begs the real question: who does this mad doctor clone dinosaurs for, and who provides funding and equipment for him? In the first film, it was clear that he worked for InGen as its primary dinosaur designer. He even double-crossed everyone and sided with the film’s other villain, Vic Hoskins. But Hoskins was but a pawn to the machinations of a super-corporate employer (and he died gloriously). This leaves Dr. Wu in a very familiar predicament. Could Masrani still be in the game, or is there another ultra-rich megalomaniac backing up Dr. Wu’s research? The prior idea sounds more plausible than the latter; it’s just that with the movie’s ending unclear, anyone could be revealed. As a side note, we cannot wait for what dino-induced death the movie’s producers have for Dr. Wu.

    Will we ever see another ‘Dinosaur Island’?

    The thrill of this well-loved franchise ultimately stems from the fantasy of living and breathing with long-dead creatures of the past. But what happens when you twist that fantasy and turn reality on its head? 

    This is what happens as early as the second act of the film with the black market auction. In a landmark moment for the franchise, the dinosaurs are on human-dominated land. There are no enclosures but cages, and no wild bush or animals to feed on but instincts to survive. It feels like a ‘fresh off the boat’ experience mixed with the spectacle of the circus- Claire, Owen, and Maisie were served as our viewpoint, seeing how helpless these majestic creations were at human hands. Instead of seeing dinosaurs as what nature, or even Hammond, intended, we see them at their lowest point. This fact makes even more sense if we add it to Maisie’s decision to freeing the dinosaurs. On another note, we do want to see a third movie to close this new trilogy, correct?

    Jurassic World, to be frank, is what its title intended. Now that all the parks and barriers have given way, there are no more theme parks, no more astonishing attractions. This is now a world where dinosaurs and humans, for better or for worse, must coexist. There is still that island Lockwood said that would be the promised new homeland for these titans. But with how the film’s ominous ending turned out, maybe Dr. Malcolm was right. This is indeed, a new world.

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