5 Unanswered Questions After Watching Ant-Man and The Wasp

By Hart  |  Posted: July 18, 2018

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    Confused by the frantic, fast-paced action in Marvel’s latest film? We have some big questions for these seemingly tiny plot points!

    We live in a really systematized world of entertainment where the blockbuster sequel is king. Sure, the follow-up to 2015’s Ant-Man was a welcome addition to the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe, chock full of signature set pieces, dramatic dialogue, and awe-inspiring special effects. It even gave a clear enough explanation as to why Ant-Man and his “Ant family” were noticeably absent during Infinity War’s smorgasbord of bedazzled comics characters. But similar to the other mediocre excellent titles in Disney’s juggernaut film franchise, Peyton Reed’s sophomore effort left tidbits, Easter Eggs, and more questions than you could fit in an abandoned office building (except when you shrunk it down).

    If you’d like to skip all this to our full, spoiler filled review, click here. TL;DR- it’s great family fun, without the overbearing, existentialist narrative we have grown familiar in recent entries. So here are the 5 not-so-small (pun intended) queries we would like to have answers for in the next slate of films.



    How will Scott Get Out of the Quantum Realm?


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    This is probably the most important question we need answers for! Seeing as how Scott Lang gets trapped (again) in the Quantum Realm and has lost radio contact with the outside world, it would be interesting to know how and when he would be able to escape. If it weren’t for the Pyms’ and Scott’s altruistic nature, they wouldn’t need to send Ant-Man back there to collect Quantum healing particles for Ghost (Ava Starr).

    Here lies a big problem for Scott: its not that he is weak in the noggin or lacking in  technical ability- he is after all an accomplished electrical engineer, skilled hand-to-hand combatant, and of course, an Avenger. But if this movie were any indication of his progress as a character, there isn’t much going for Scott. Throughout the film, we see that he was always overshadowed by Hank Pym’s ever shrewd mind and Janet’s quick thinking. We could say that he’s the weak link in this squad, which is ironic because he’s the guy who got out of the Quantum Realm with a weird  connection with the long lost Wasp. This guy can never catch a break!

    After we saw how Hank, Janet, and Hope get vaporised after Thanos’ universe reducing snap in Infinity War, Scott only has himself and his wits to navigate his way through this dimension void of space and time. Would Janet’s line pertaining to a ‘time vortex’ be of any help for the World’s Greatest Grandma? If it were useful, then why didn’t Janet use it herself to escape in the first place?

    Why did the Pyms decide to conduct more Quantum Realm experiments?


    Those family reunion scenes brought small, pearl-shaped tears to our eyes. Compared to the heavier daddy issues that have burdened some of our heroes for the past decade (Hello Howard Stark, Odin, Ego, and T’Chaka), Janet Van Dyne has saved her father Hank from the brink of physical and emotional collapse multiple times. Additionally, part of this franchise’s appeal is that we get a fairly stable father figure in Scott: he’s a true hero inside-out, has a loving and brave daughter in Cassie, and he’s constantly working for an amicable relationship with his ex-wife and current fiance. In a space where “saving the world from extinction” is as normal a plot as your favorite ’90s rom-com, this kind of pace keeps the ever-expanding MCU grounded for us regular, non-powered folk.

    So when we saw that the Pyms started conducting experiments in the Quantum Realm so soon after Janet’s return, it got us thinking that this was more than just a medical mission for the ailing Ava. Why would they just walk away from their home on a serene island in the middle of nowhere to return to the Realm that has tormented their family for years? Were they also trying to figure out how Janet gained her new ‘magical’ powers? (More on this later) Could they be attempting to find untapped gateways to other universes, such as the Dark Dimension or the Microverse? These are just far-fetched hypotheticals for now, but we can see how they can foreshadow what’s to come in Marvel’s 2019 and beyond.

    Is there another ‘Big Bad’ working behind the scenes?


    Sonny Burch’s motivation to steal the Pym Laboratory building sets up most of the hijinks in the film. Funny and ludicrous as this small-time thug with a massive ego was, his inclusion could eventually set up another villain for the presumably third Ant-Man movie.

    But first, can we talk about how much of a foil Burch and his henchmen were against Scott’s crew? It was great to see how the former thieves finally “turned things around” by investing their considerable skills into a security contractor business (the cleverly named X-Con Security). Lending some normalcy to Scott’s upside-down world, his friends have returned to this sequel pretty much how we expected them to be from the first movie. And this includes Luis’ always-rad monologues, Kurt’s warning of the nightmarish Baba Yaga, as well as the growing-and-shrinking car chases.

    Going back to the thugs, we know that Birch was a black market dealer for many unscrupulous parties. This obviously does not include the Pyms, who only got in touch with Birch for the parts they need to build the Quantum Tunnel. If saving Janet from peril wasn’t such a high priority, then including Birch in the story wouldn’t really make much sense. Yet, if we could stretch our collective imaginations a bit more, we have to find out why he was so adamant in stealing the lab. Who was his buyer, and was it really crucial for him to steal it? He could have just tried to steal or buy other valuable tech and mystical items, such as Justin Hammer’s suits or The Cloak of Levitation. We know, the last one was a reach, but maybe it could be pried away from Dr. Strange when its asleep!

    Is Janet Van Dyne now one of the strongest Marvel heroes?


    We could understand how vague this all sounds: Janet, the original Wasp of 30 years ago, created a quantum link, which was only possible every century or so, with Scott after he saved Cassie from Yellow Jacket by going sub-atomic. After returning to the ‘normal’ universe, we see that she has developed new powers adapted from the Quantum Realm. So aside from being able to heal people affected by quantum explosions such as Ava, what else is there in her new bag of tricks? As the Quantum Realm’s rules greatly affect how space, time, and reality exist, could it be possible that this version of Janet Van Dyne be a cosmically powered being? One thing’s for sure: her powers did not save her from being finger-snapped out of existence. Sad, we were just getting to know her!

    What does that last scene mean for the next set of films (like Avengers 4)?


    No, we’re not talking about that last scene with the drumming ant.

    Ok, so here’s the big question that will set the tone for the kahuna of features set to be released in 2019 and beyond. We’re aware that the events depicted in Ant-Man and the Wasp happened after the fiasco in Germany during Captain America: Civil War. To refresh your memory, Scott was imprisoned along with Falcon, Black Widow, the Scarlet Witch, and Hawkeye on the super-human prison, the Raft. Steve Rogers, who has abandoned the Cap identity, busts them out and they start a ‘Secret’ Avengers team. Out of fear for his family’s safety, Scott submits himself to house arrest under the authority of Agent Jimmy Woo, according to the tenets of the Sokovia Accords. From here, we can follow the events of the film. 

    Based on how everything went down, we could assume that the events in the film happened moments before the attack on Manhattan staged at the start of Infinity War. Although a shaky argument, let’s just give these guys the benefit of the doubt that the distance of sunny San Francisco “shielded” them from what else was happening in the MCU. Add to the fact that they had the luxury of time to go back to the Quantum Realm, and you pretty much have a good set up for the next couple of films, getting lost in an inescapable Void included.

    If Luis, his family and friends, or even Bill Foster, Ghost or Agent Woo, survived the Snap, then maybe there’s a chance Scott could escape with their help to kick Thanos’ butt. But if they sadly disintegrated with half of the universe, then the only logical solution would be for Scott is to try his luck and pass through the aforementioned time vortex. Could this mean that we will be getting a ‘time travel’ treatment/introduction to the Multiverse in the upcoming Avengers 4? Can we expect Scott to undergo some changes the same way Janet was enhanced during her time in the Void?

    We’re also going to see that long-awaited introduction to Captain Marvel early in 2019. Little is known about the intergalactic super-agent and she was never mentioned in this film. But her simple, oh-so-good cameo at the end of Infinity War promises to deliver another wonderful piece to the greater Marvel Cinematic Universe. Is she the final solution to defeating Thanos and to getting back our beloved heroes and friends? Will she work well with Scott, who’s known to be a wisecrack with strong, independent women? 

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