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By Hart  |  Posted: July 20, 2018

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    Located in Brisbane, Puzzled Room Escape offers a unique blend of thrill and real-world adventure that will challenge your smarts!

    What’s better than attempting to escape a room full of puzzles, riddles, and other mind-bending obstacles? Well, bringing your wackiest friends or your crazy family with you, of course! Its the only 110% fun way to experience an escape room activity!

    Puzzled Room Escape is one of the top escape room attractions in the city. Just like other similar games, participants enter a game room as a group and attempt to solve a series of mysteries. Each puzzle solved rewards the players a clue for the next set of challenges. As the game continues, the puzzles they solve and clues they have gathered would piece together an enthralling story that encompasses the theme of the room. Once the final puzzle has been solved, the door will unlock and the group can escape!

    If you and your group/family are up for the challenge, select a mystery to solve:

    Puzzle Tech Murder (Difficulty: 3/5)

    Recommended number of players: 2-6

    You are a regular employee in the infamous IT corporation, Puzzle Tech Enterprises. It seemed like any other normal work day- including the usual overtime your boss gives you. Things (and your life!) suddenly turn upside down when the police barge into your office and arrest you on suspicion of murdering the head of the finance department. Suddenly thrust into a criminal investigation, you must clear your name of all suspicion and figure out who the real killer is among the other suspects!

    Solve the murder: Who killed Benjamin Pierce?

    Haunted Academy (5/5)

    Recommended number of players: 3-5

    There’s an old legend making the roundabouts again in your school, Puzzled Academy: A dark presence is lurking, lying in wait for its next hunt. When the moon is high above the school on the 31st of October, the evil is unleashed, out to hunt for blood

    Obviously, you thought that this was just a story to scare kids into leaving school early, a harmless spook for the faint-hearted. But when one of your schoolmates goes missing, things start to spiral out of control.

    Can you, as a member of the Supernatural Society, find Sharon Hommes before the dark presence consumes everyone? 

    Dr. Irov’s Laboratory (4/5)

    Recommended number of players: 4-6

    “Intelligence reports suggest that a certain Dr. Irov has been conducting illegal and invasive genetic experiments on live subjects in his laboratory. As a member of the Joint Task Force for Investigations, you and your team will ‘snatch and grab’ whatever intel you can get in the lab. This is strictly an intelligence gathering and reconnaissance mission: simple, clean, and easy.” 

    This is the gist of the orders handed down to you from your superiors. However, after just minutes into the mission, things have not turned up the way they should be. What was supposed to be a small infiltration-and-extraction has turned into a nightmare.

    Can you survive the night and escape with your life?

    Monkey Run! (3/5)

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    Recommended number of players: 3-6

    Driven by an obsession to find a cure for the Plague, Dr. Irov has worked tirelessly, day and night, on his secret genetic engineering project. Of course, these experiments involving live test subjects will never be accepted by the greater scientific community, and are thus considered illegal. As test subjects, you are aware that you are still alive solely for the purposes of the experiment. You observe that everyday, members of your kind enter a mysterious room in Dr. Irov’s laboratory, never to be seen again.

    Losing hope and giving up on the chance for freedom, you coincidentally discovered that one of your fellow test subjects have managed to escape the lab. This has reignited your desire to escape. And so you have decided that these will be the last few hours that you will spend in this wretched place. You must, and you will break free.   

    One way out. There is no other way.

    Pricing and Packages

    6 Players: $28/person

    5 Players: $31/person

    4 Players: $35/person

    3 Players: $40/person

    2 Players: $45/person

    For Packages: See the corporate and party group packages here

    Have the time of your life and escape these challenges at Puzzled Room Escape!

    For more information about the escape rooms, the answers to the FAQ, and more, head on over to their website.

    Puzzled Room Escape is located on 5/1177 Logan Road, Holland Park West, 4121 Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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