Most Popular Halloween Kids Costumes of 2017

By ivan matsumoto  |  Posted: October 9, 2017

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    With every Halloween, your little one might change from wanting to dress up as an Avenger one year and a Jedi master the next. You might be wondering, why can’t my child just dress up as a ghost or a pumpkin – for the majority of kids today, that’s not going to happen. We know that kids want to dress up as their favourite role model and with each passing Halloween, their favourites change. We get that as a parent, it might be hard to catch on knowing the names of all the popular Disney characters and superheroes. But, worry no longer as we list the most trending characters that your kid might want to trick or treat as this year.


    Be the friendly- neighbour superhero, Spider-Man. Ever since the return of the wall-crawling hero in Captain America: Civil War and the successful spring movie earlier this year in Spider-Man: Homecoming, kids can’t get enough of this modern revision. 


    Meet the new character that as joined the Lego franchise. Lloyd (not luh-loyd) is a ninja from the Lego:Ninjago film that came out recently this summer. You can expect your child to be hiding in the shadows ready to pounce at mum and dad.


    His name is Groot. We get it. The Guardians of the Galaxy was a surprising box office success and with the sequel that came out this year, it’s bigger and more beloved than ever. While the neighbourhood parents ask your child the important question, ‘Trick or Treat’, be ready for their cute reply ‘I am Groot’. Warning, you might find their vocabulary to be limited to those four words for the rest of the day so long as they never break character.


    Ready to be the charming, regal guest to families on the street, is the Disney prince from ‘Beauty and the Beast’. Although he has just one night to go trick or treating, it is fortunate he only has to be a beast for that duration.


    He’s the fastest man alive from the TV show ‘The Flash’. Racing to get all the sweets on the street will be the scarlet speedster. Let them know that if they’re going to be speeding around (cos they’re excited to be in the costume) they will need to watch where they’re going and not dash too far.

    Captain Underpants

    An endearing superhero who reveals all with his oversized undies. Captain Underpants is a hero unlike any other. Let them unleash their inner self – underpants for the win.

    Kylo Ren

    Embracing the dark side is this Darth Vadar wannabe. Parents on the street, give up your candy cos you don’t wanna mess with the sith lord that is – Kylo Ren.

    Newt Scamander

    The protagonist of the new Harry Potter series, Newt Scamander is a hero that is inspiring all the introverts out there. He comes carrying his magical suitcase that houses many fantastic, magical beasts.

    Star Lord

    Remember his name, he’s the coolest guardian of the galaxy. Star Lord is ready to groove down the street with his sick 80s beats. But he’s also a space pirate so you’d better give up your candy.


    He may be small but he’s stronger than you think. Ant-Man is an Avenger type hero who tries his best at doing good but also packs a mighty punch.


    Stormtrooper turned good, FN-2187 (or better known as Finn) is the latest hero in the new Star Wars trilogy. With elements of the jedi, Luke Skywalker and the roguish heroism of Han Solo, Finn is rising up to be the more popular choice for kids.


    Is it a bat? Is it a plane? Nope, it’s Bat-kid. Villains, watch out, the Dark Knight is here to bring justice back on the street. Remember to give him candy for his excellent crime fighting contribution.

    Hermione Granger

    Still the most popular heroine in the Harry Potter universe, potter fans still can’t get enough of Hermione Granger to this day. For girls, she represents brains, brawn and beauty.


    See how far she’ll go, Moana is the latest Disney princess unlike her predecessors. She proves that you don’t need a castle or a prince to define you, nor an elegant gown, makeup or haircut. Moana is an inspiration for many little girls.


    Abandoning the hollow life of evil for good, Mal (short for Maleficent), is the daughter of the evil witch from Sleeping Beauty. She’s the protagonist in the Disney film series, ‘Descendants’. If your daughter wants to be a witch, why not be the coolest witch there is. Careful, if the neighbours ask trick or treat, Mal might slip back to old habits and cast a hex for fun.


    She’s the fiercest member of the Guardians of the Galaxy. Gamora will stop at nothing to fight evil and frankly kick space butts. Watch out, Gamora is known to be quick tempered.


    Rey is the newest Jedi to fight against the dark forces in the Star Wars saga. Soon to be a jedi master when the sequel comes later this year. Rey will continue to become even more popular next Halloween. May the force be with her.


    Most of the time, she’s looking for a good book to read, but this night it’s her night to shine. Dressed in that classic yellow dress will surely turn heads. Since the live action movie, Belle has resurfaced as the most sought out for Disney princess and we’re not surprised – Belle lives up to her beautiful name.

    Wonder Woman

    The strongest heroine there is, she fights for something truly noble and that is for love. Since her solo movie earlier this year, Wonder Woman has been such an inspiration. Her message of spreading compassion in a world of conflict is what makes her different from a lot of superheroes out there. Let’s hope we get more role models like Wonder Woman.

    Black Widow

    Despite possessing no superhuman powers herself, the skilled martial artist, Black Widow, proves she can stand toe to toe with the likes of Thor and the Hulk.


    Before the CW introduced her in a TV show, not many were aware that Clark Kent, aka Superman, had a super cousin. Supergirl represents is giving strength to girls out there. Even though the ‘S’ is not a letter in the Kryptonian language, the letter is a brave symbol that many girls are proud to wear.


    One of the five emotions from the Pixar film, ‘Inside Out’, Joy represents happiness, excitement and glee. Her positivity is what inspires a lot of girls and is the reason why some choose to dress up as her.


    They’re the cutest henchmen that ever were. Great in numbers, expect a lot of kids (boys and girls) to be cladded with their yellow and blue jumpsuits and endearing spectacles. They might be speaking gibberish to you – that’s actually the minion language. And if you’re ever to give them a treat – give them a banana. Watch as their face brightens up.


    Still as popular since its release in 2013, Elsa is arguably the most popular Disney princess of this decade. Who can ever forget the hit song that she sang in the film ‘Frozen’. Once your daughter becomes Elsa, we’re not sure if she’ll ever let it go.


    The Halloween season is coming, what does your little one want to be dressed up as this year?

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