Get Active with Gymnastics, Martial Arts and Dance at Pittwater Sports Centre

By Hart  |  Posted: July 19, 2018

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    Pittwater Sports Centre is a state-of-the-art Sports Centre catering for the needs of parents, schools and the broader community.

    Kids during the holidays and after-school hours can become restless. They not only get bored at home, but they could also end up doing unproductive activities. If social media, music classes, or arts aren’t going to make the cut, what is the next logical thing to do?

    Getting them into sports or into a fitness regimen can help kickstart your child towards a healthier lifestyle. What more, it can help them to develop their physical skills and conditioning, as well as help them grow into more responsible individuals. They can even make friends with the other kids they will play with!

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    The Pittwater Sports Centre is a large sporting facility located along the Pittwater Road at North Narrabean. Designed to be extremely convenient with tons of parking space, the centre was a dream come true for local sports operators Mark and Gai Forrest. Originally established as Northern Beaches Gymnastics in 1990, the centre eventually grew into a multidisciplinary effort to serve the parents, families, and local community.

    Comprised of multiple sports units, Pittwater Sports Centre features the following:

    Kindygym Classes- Northern Beaches

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    The longest running kindygym program in Sydney, young children here can start to grow and develop their love and skill in gymastics. Kids will participate in group classes that promise to be fun, exciting, and challenging. The gyms used by the classes are fully equipped for any aspiring gymnast: trampolines, huge foam pits, flying trapezes, ropes, and more come standard to Kindygym. Learning to appreciate the sport isn’t the only thing they will get out of the program. Through their own learning and exploration, your kids could also learn to be more confident and independent.

    North Narrabeen Academy of Gymnastics (NNAOG)

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    North Narrabeen Academy of Gymnastics is a resident of Pittwater Sports Centre, offering gymnastics classes for both boys and girls, both young and old. The capable instructors can teach any level, from beginners to advanced national athletes. Kids looking for a fun experience or a change in their exercise routine could start with the FitNastics program. There is also the casual adult gymnastics classes designed for alternative physical activity. And then there is the competitive gymnastics program is available for the elite competitive performers in the community.

    Sand Bucket Play Centre- Northern Beaches

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    Younger kids can fly, slip, and play in safety and comfort at the Sand Bucket Indoor Play Centre. The centre comes with the latest child’s playground equipment– 7 slippery slides, a 3 level play building, 2 ball pits, 2 flying foxes, and other smaller soft play items. The Sand Bucket is also fully air-conditioned, with free Wi-Fi and places for birthday parties.

    Parents could easily relax at the Pittwater Sports Centre Cafe while their kids enjoy their games and gymnastics. At the cafe, customers can order their morning coffee and get a quick sandwich or pasta dish. For private parties and occasions, the cafe could also serve their specialty Sandbucket Platters Menu. Just give the cafe time to prepare your orders.

    Hapkido Pittwater

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    Hapkido is a complete art focused on self-defence. Beyond learning to defend themselves, kids who enroll to study this martial art will also be able to practice patience, respect, and timeliness. Anyone who practices Hapkido should be able to handle any situation regardless of circumstance with self-discipline and confidence. Kids will be able to develop their physical strength and mental fortitude through the masters who train in the dojo.

    Narrabeen Dance

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    The premier dance school in Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Boys and girls of 3-12 years can learn with their small teams the fundamentals and skills for dance. Dance disciplines that could be learned here include ballet, hip-hop, contemporar, tap, lyrical, and jazz. But beyond the basic and advanced teachings your kids will learn, they will also gain confidence, social skills, and life-long friends.


    For more information on Pittwater Sports’ other gymnastics and health classes, children’s party packages, the vacation care program, and other competitions, visit their website.

    Pittwater Sports Centre is located at 1525A Pittwater Road, 2101 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

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