QUIZ: Which Pet is Perfect for Your Family?

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    So you believe that your family is ready to have a pet. But you’re not really sure which pet to get that would suit your kids and the home.

    Try out this quiz and see which animal would make a perfect pet for your family!


    What’s your family like?

    How old are your kids?

    How big is your living space?

    How often is there someone at home?

    Does anyone in the family have an allergy?

    Does anyone in the family have a fear of small animals?

    Who will be most responsible for the pet? (feeding, cleaning up, bath time, walking, etc)

    How much time in a day can the main caregiver devote for the pet’s care?

    How long have you been thinking of getting a pet?

    How does the family feel about getting a pet?

    How much are you willing to spend to welcome (purchase/adoption, certification and papers, vaccination, rearranging the home, etc.) and to care for (veterinary care, food, grooming, medication, accessories, enclosure, toys, training, etc.) your pet?

    Why are you thinking of adopting a pet right now?

    Given the family’s schedule, which tasks are the most feasible to do?

    How long will the family care for the pet?

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