Optimus Gaming: Perth's Best VR Gaming Arcade

By Hart  |  Posted: July 25, 2018

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    Inspired by advancements in technology, Optimus Gaming is fast becoming the best spot in Perth for Virtual Reality gaming.

    The gaming landscape has become very different from what it used to be. Every year, developers and game companies push the limits of what’s possible for home entertainment. Virtual Reality gaming is just one of the more recent developments, and it’s creating this new demand for better, faster, and more immersive experiences. 

    We have to mention too how kids these days love VR arcades. These allow for richer, more fulfilling experiences that they can share with their friends and loved ones. If you live in and around Perth, then Optimus Gaming could be your go-to VR arcade.

    Truly Immersive Gaming

    What started off as an inspiration in 2014 to start creating a gaming centre like no other, Optimus Gaming is now a fast-growing virtual reality arcade that is dedicated to high-quality and extreme fun! They aim to introduce to people more realistic computer simulations with the latest VR gaming equipment. 

    Whether you’re after a shooting game mission, a magical quest, or even a sprint on the race track, Optimus Gaming can cater to your VR gaming needs. You can try out the many different games on catalogue through the HTC VIVE room-scale experience, where your entire world can transform into the in-game environment. You could also drive like a true F1 driver without worrying about crashing through the Rally VR Simulator with Oculus Rift. Take your pick, and see where your VR gaming experience can take you!

    VR for All

    Looking to set up your own VR gaming experience at home? Optimus Gaming is also the first and only VR shop in the country offering a Set-Up and Support Service. Purchase your own VR gaming headsets, audio straps, VIVE base stations, and VR Covers and play in the comfort of your own living room. Just make sure that the breakable items in the room are far away from the playing area!

    If you have a party or event coming up, why not bring the beauty of VR gaming with you? As leaders in the VR gaming scene in Perth, Optimus Gaming now offers mobile VR gaming services! Depending on the rooms that will be used, dedicated staff can help you calibrate the interactive room-scale according to your liking. An instructor will also be on hand to guide beginners in their first VR experience. You could also rent a Rally VR Simulator (mobile version) to quench that need for speed. 

    Posted by Optimus Gaming Perth on Wednesday, 6 December 2017

    Level up your gaming with the VR gaming arcades of Optimus Gaming!

    For more information on the VR gaming headsets, the games available, store schedule, party packages, and more, head on over to their website.

    Optimus Gaming is located in Unit 6, 30 Erindale Road, 6021 Perth, Western Australia, Australia

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