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By Hart  |  Posted: July 9, 2018

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    The winter holidays can be bristling cold; who would not want to have an alpine skiing trip with the entire family? Sadly, costs for such trips are quite high, and not everyone has the luxury of leaving town for a chilly weekender. Will you have to wait for the perfect time before going out for that skiing or snowboarding dream escapade?

    Changing the way we view ‘indoor skiing and snowboarding’ Off-Piste Ski & Snowboard Indoor Simulators promises to be the ultimate urban winter experience! Its a combination of snowboarding and skiing using the best in simulation technology, while providing first class training and service!

    The owners of the company established Off-Piste out of a desire and love for the winter sports lifestyle. Given that there is only one season dedicated to winter trips, this left in the owners a “longing for the snow” that was very hard to ignore! So, this became the driving engine to invest in a similar experience. The experience had to be indoors and it must be accessible to everyone, regardless of the seasons.

    With dedication and attention to detail, Off-Piste was born. It is the only destination in Sydney to have a life-like alpine experience with skiing and snowboarding. Each session on the simulators includes your choice of ski or snowboard mount, rental boot fitting, and one-on-one warm up with a qualified instructor.

    Simulating G-forces, twists, and turns of actual skiing and snowboarding on HD panoramic screens, the SkyTech Sports Simulators provide unmatched experiences and performance. Each simulator comes in two different types:

    The Summit

    This is the compact simulator option that is accessible to everyone. Forward facing HD screens provide endless views of snow-covered trails and slalom courses. This unit was built for practicing alpine carving. Beginners can learn to fine tune their skiing skills, while experienced skiers or riders can warm up here before riding the more advanced machines.


    15 minutes of ride time – $30.00

    30 minutes – $45.00

    60 minutes – $70.00

    Kids up to 12 years old:

    15 minutes – $25.00

    30 minutes – $35.00

    The Avalanche

    A larger, more powerful simulator, this design provides full-panoramic coverage and HD projections of trails, slaloms, and even giant slaloms. Experienced and advanced skiiers and snowboarders can experience faster, more realistic forces. The Avalanche provides 30% more power than the Alps simulator, meaning there are more G-forces to work against. Those looking for a winter workout will find themselves challenged as they attempt to control their technique and coordination on the ski/board.


    15 minutes – $45.00

    30 minutes – $70.00

    60 minutes – $100.00

    Off-Piste is also open to customised corporate, school, and group sessions. Whether it is for a team building, alternate school activity, or a birthday party, their accommodating staff are always ready to help. To inquire or to create an event, visit this page of their website.

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    The Best Indoor Ski & Snowboard Simulators this Side of Sydney

    Off-Piste Indoor Skiing and Snowboarding is located in The Entertainment Quarter, 122 Lang Road, Moore Park, 2021 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

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