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    Are you exploring the idea of having your child attend gymnastics classes? Below are a few reasons why you should!

    1. Your children will gradually increase their flexibility and gain greater coordination.
    2. Gymnastics is good for your child’s bone health.
    3. It will help children stay fit, become more resistant to diseases, and become healthier overall.
    4. It will help them build personal discipline.
    5. Your children will be able to socialise and compete with others, which can help build their self-esteem and boost their self-confidence.

    All these benefits can make a huge difference in your children’s day to day life, as well as their future. Gymnastics will help them grow into a better person!

    If you’re looking for gymnastic classes in Perth, then the Northern Districts Gymnastics Club is one of the best places to get started!

    The NDGC was originally established in 1973. It has maintained a strong commitment to providing people of all ages and skill level opportunities to participate in gymnastic activities. It has a long history of club members competing at state, national and international competitions, including the Olympics.
    Below are some of the programs they offer.

    1. Kindergym

    This program focuses on movement-based activities such as balancing, sliding, rolling, running, swinging, jumping and plenty more! It assists your child’s development of coordination, confidence and creativity in a fun and safe environment. There are separate classes for 2 year olds, 3 year olds, and 4-5 year olds.

    1. Recreational Gym

    This program offers progression through skills such as handstands, forward rolls, and cartwheels. It promotes and develops coordination, flexibility and strength. Children will have full use of all apparatus including beams, vault, bars, trampolines, and a fully sprung floor.

    1. Holiday Programs

    During holidays, they offer activities that will help children experience a variety of fun challenges and gym-based activities. There are games, basic gymnastics classes, movies, music, and dancing! This program caters to children between the ages of 4 and 12.

    1. Adult Gym

    It’s important for us parents to think of our own fitness as well! This program is designed to condition the whole body, and to improve cardiovascular fitness, strength, power, endurance, balance, and coordination.

    1. Teen Gym

    This program offers everything from traditional gymnastics skills to movement-based skills, which include parkour and ninja! This was designed for children between the ages of 12 and 15.

    1. Freestyle Gymnastics

    Just like Teen Gym, the Freestyle program offers everything from traditional gymnastics skills to movement-based skills! This program was developed with children between the ages of 9 and 13 in mind, and is perfect for kids with a lot of energy! It’ll get them active whilst still being skill-based, fast-paced, and fun!

    They also offer State Levels Programs, Women’s Artistic Gymnastics Squad programs, and Men’s   Artistic Gymnastics Squad programs for those who want to take the Olympic sport more seriously!

    Interested? Visit their website for more info!

    Click here to check out their full class timetable, and here to enrol!

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