New Dog Beach in Sydney Was Opened Thanks to Local Nine Year Old Student

By Hart  |  Posted: August 1, 2018

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    Year 4 student Isabella Gale’s proposal for a new dog beach in Sydney paid off! Visit the beautiful pups on Lady Robinsons Beach in southern Kyeemagh.

    Dog owners and dog lovers in Rockdale and Kyeemagh, rejoice! A section of Lady Robinsons Beach in Kyeemagh is now designated an “off-leash area” for dogs. The effort was spearheaded by the local Bayside Council, but it was the arguments of nine year-old Isabella Gale that pushed the council towards its implementation.

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    A Year 4 student at Brighton-Le-Sands Public School and part of the school debate team, Isabella argued on behalf of the area’s 15,000 dogs, their families, and those who generally liked/disliked dogs. “I believe that dog parks are good for everyone – dogs, their owners and even those in our community who don’t like dogs,” Isabella exclaimed. She also included in her statements the positive outcomes of exercise and that including a dog park around the area would be beneficial for the nearby residents. She even included her own dog, Charlie, as an example!

    “When my Cavoodle, Charlie doesn’t get enough exercise, he gets a bit crazy and a bit jumpy. He also barks less when he’s had a lot of exercise. A dog that has had enough exercise, and provided with a place to play, is a happier dog.”

    “So a healthy, well-exercised dog is good for everyone in our community. Having off-leash areas to play are important because these people can just sit down and watch their dog, like some people do at the Sans Souci dog park.”

    “Another reason for a dog park at our end of the beach is that the people at Sans Souci have a really good dog park, but it is too far for us to walk to… if the people of Ramsgate and Sans Souci can have one why can’t Brighton and Kyeemagh?”

    Councillor Ed McDougall took the lead in the Council to institute the off-leash area in Lady Robinsons Beach at Kyeemagh. He also proposed another area to be converted at Lane Studdert Reserve.

    “This is a very small area of beach – about 150 metres”, he said, “and there’s more than 15,000 dogs in the Bayside area who need this.”

    The new section, safe and free for our four-legged friends, will be open to the public from 4 pm to 10 am daily.

    As for Isabella’s valiant stand, she was presented a Certificate of Recognition by Mayor Bill Saravinovski and Rockdale MP Steve Kamper. Not bad for a kid who just wanted a public play space for her pupper!

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