Music Beat Australia: Top Choice for Children's Music Learning

By Hart  |  Posted: June 21, 2018

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    Your child’s early education is of utmost importance. But with a plethora of options available in the market today, it can be overwhelming just to pick one! And in such a critical moment in his life, you cannot afford to commit mistakes.

    Early music education can actually be a good place to start your search. Good thing too, that there is a well-established provider that specialises in teaching kids the joy and benefits of music. And they even include a host of other important services too!

    Music Beat Australia

    A provider of music early learning and community music in Brisbane, Music Beat Australia is a service that is open to children and adults of all abilities. Their services include music groups for parents and children, childcare programs, special one-off childcare visits, holiday programs. They also supply music instruments and products for teachers, parents, music therapists. 

    Music Beat’s philosophy is centered around the mantra, “developing every day”. Their team of dedicated teachers, therapists, and experts ensure that they are able to answer the needs of their clients. Music Beat believes that music is a part of our everyday lives, and that everyone can learn and grow with music.

    Kids Music Beat


    Kids Music Beat (or Boppin’ Babies) education caters to babies, toddlers, and preschoolers. They offer weekly music groups every week, for 10 weeks during school terms. Each music group will be given special care and attention so that you and your child may experience making music together. Singing, dancing, and playing instruments are just some of the parts of the program the teachers share. You can include your child in either an age-specific or mixed age group, according to your child’s needs.

    Music Beat Lessons + Tuition

    A program designed for music learners, Music Beat Lessons offers piano, guitar, and violin lessons for primary and secondary school students. They also offer drama and singing lessons for those who would want to take another step. Parents can even take lessons too!

    People of all ages can benefit well from learning to play and appreciate music. Adults can gain many benefits from learning to play instruments- it helps in managing stress, increases productivity and helps in developing creativity. Your child will not be the only one benefiting from a music education!

    Music Beat Therapy Services

    Music Beat Therapy Services is part of Music Beat that offers targeted music therapy services for children and adults of all abilities.

    The Service also offers in-home and mobile services to homes across greater Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and Moreton Bay. Music Beat already works with many different respite centres, schools, disability organizations, and community programs to create their own therapy initiatives. Many of their clients’ needs include early childhood development, coping with disabilities and rehabilitation. Therapists can also provide for group or individual therapy sessions upon requests. 

    Develop with your child every day with the help of Music Beat!

    To find more about Music Beat and its other services, visit their website, or visit their Facebook and Instagram pages.

    Contact Music Beat: 1800-752-968



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