What to do on Mother's Day 2018

By ivan matsumoto  |  Posted: April 9, 2018

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    Celebrate mother’s day in Australia and New Zealand by showing appreciation to the women who raised us; mothers, step-mothers, grandmothers alike. It is generally observed on the second Sunday of May. For 2018, it falls on Sunday May 13. Want to know what you can do? Here are some ideas below you can consider:



    Mother's Day 2018

    What would make a beautiful gift is offering beautiful bouquet of flowers to your dear mother. Traditionally, carnations are typically given due to their fresh spring cut and outlasting other cut flower options, so she’ll enjoy them for even longer. But if you want something non-traditional then why not opt for tulips, spring lilies or white roses? If you want to add fragrance to the bouquet, request to add freesia, lavender, carnations, roses, or oriental lilies. With Mother’s Day happening towards the end of spring, offering a piece of nature is truly a blossoming gift for your wonderful mother. 


    Box of Chocolates

    Mother's Day 2018

    Nothing says ‘I love mom’  more than an assorted box of luxury chocolates. Treating your mother to decadent chocolates, truffles or biscuits would surely be a delight, and there are so many delightful tastes out there to choose from. 


    Handmade Gifts

    Mother's Day 2018


    If you want to show better appreciation then a hand-made gift would truly be the way to go, because it is the thought that counts. For the artistically-inclined, then what better way to express your unique talents.  For those unable to draw, paint, compose or write a poem, then have no fret as there are other ways to make something homemade.  Here are some super-easy ideas online to try but the most important thing to remember is that you know your mother best, so whatever comes from the heart is truly a beautiful gift. Also to note, a sweet handmade card speaks louder from the heart than a card from a shop.  



    Breakfast in Bed

    Mother's Day 2018


    Begin Mother’s Day by stepping up in the kitchen to make breakfast in bed. With Mother’s Day always on a Sunday, this would make a perfect lazy sunday treat. Having the whole family involved is a great family bonding activity too. But as much as possible, the less the mum is involved, the better because you’d want to make it a surprise when you arrive in her room with a tray of breakfast and a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ greeting. During this moment, it’d be a great time to gift the presents and hand her a card to make her really feel special.



    Dining Out

    Mother's Day 2018

    If breakfast in bed is not on the itinerary then a brunch out or a fancy dinner later in the day is a great idea to dine and mingle with your special mother. Be sure to reserve though as this sunday would be a popular date for people to book in advanced. Look out for places that offer a great deal for Mother’s Day with a menu that would satisfy all parties involved, most importantly something your mother would like. Buffets are a great way to indulge on your food cravings; desserts and drinks included. 

    Day Out Activities

    Mother's Day 2018

    Mother’s Day is all about quality time with the family so spend some together time out and about. Perhaps a trip to the zoo, aquarium, farm, or museum would make for a nice family bonding activity. It would be best to pick something that would encourage family discussions so avoid cinemas and other solo activities. 



    Organized Fun Runs and Charities

    Mother's Day 2018



    If your mother is actively involved in charities and volunteering, then share her passion by getting the family involved in the art of giving. Fun runs on Mother’s Day are a great way to raise money for charities like breast cancer and if you complete the race, you feel a great sense of achievement. Volunteering in animal rescue centres or children’s hospitals are great opportunities to show love to not just your mother but to other people that need it. 


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