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By Hart  |  Posted: July 12, 2018

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    Give your kids the advantages of learning and speaking Chinese with Mandarin Stars as your partner!

    Its a certain fact: Mandarin Chinese is one of the leading languages spoken throughout the world. Nations beyond Asia have pushed for programs and incentives to provide opportunities for people to learn Chinese for business and travel. And to keep pace with the globe, the education sector (schools, private tutors and language centres) have consistently encouraged a better understanding and mastery of Mandarin.

    A Global/Local Perspective


    But for several economic and cultural reasons, the number of non-native speakers in Australia, at less than 200 in 2015, remains far too low. While the number of English-proficient speakers in China is increasing, Chinese remains a non-factor in local schools. This is alarming, given that Australia is ranked second as a tourist destination for Chinese tourists. And we have to include other factors: by 2027, China is projected to overtake the United States as the largest economy in the world. Aside from the trade and tourism opportunities, the very future of succeeding Australian generations is at stake.

    There is a growing demand for many of our kids to study and master Chinese. Encouraging kids 15 years old and below to start their education early would pay dividends down the line. Thus, mastering it at a younger age would help them understand the unique cultural and political nuances of Chinese relationships.

    Enjoy Mandarin Stars!


    Together with Mandarin Stars, you can help develop your child’s foundation in and desire for the language and culture. The school’s programs are focused on giving students an ideal and conducive environment to learn. Observation, discussion, and exploration of planning and learning opportunities are some of the key values they would like to inculcate in their curriculum. The lessons in Mandarin Stars are delivered using themes and topics that reflect the central interests of students. This includes immersing them in everyday situations relevant to their everyday lives. Apart from this, their teachers are dedicated to making fun and interactive experiences in and outside the classroom. Not only will your kids grow fluent in Mandarin, but they will also foster a lifelong love for learning the language and culture!

    Encouraging your child to start learning Chinese early is key to building his fluency in the language. While they are very young, kids have this incredible ability to learn many foreign languages

    Mandarin Stars offers a host of different programs for a variety of age groups:

    Mandarin Stars Playgroups (1-5 years old)


    Designed for both native and non-native learners, this is a great place to start your child’s learning in Chinese. Introduces Mandarin to students in a 100% immersive speaking and listening environment. After the course, your child will be able to develop his ear for the language, his pronunciation, and listening skill for the four intonations in Mandarin.

    Mandarin Stars Preschool Classes (3-5 years old)


    Similar to the Playgroups classes, this class is for native and non-native speakers. However, these sessions will serve to reinforce and develop stronger listening and speaking skills. Lessons will also start to introduce basic and radical characters, basic phrases, as well as counting numbers. A range of activities such as creating characters with art materials, roleplay, and language games will also play critical roles in the program.

    Mandarin SuperStars Classes (5-12 years old)


    This program serves as an extension of the foundational classes that students have already taken up. Generally, classes for the 5-8 year olds are connected with the pre-school program, albeit more time is spent on language games and role playing. This will reinforce better phrase and sentence construction, and the usage of common vocabulary words.

    From the ages of 7 years old and above, students will start to learn the system of Pin Yin (a phonetic system using the English alphabet). And if the class is ready, character strokes and more writing will be introduced. Students will also dive into more social terms and situations (such as Chinese cultural festivals) that they will encounter and learn from. 

    The Mandarin Stars approach is focused on developing strong listening and speaking skills in Chinese. With care and patience, your child too will be able to read, speak, and love Chinese as his own language!

    For more information on Mandarin Stars’ many program offerings, visit their website.

    Find a Mandarin Stars learning centre nearest you through Fun Kids Guide!


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