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By Hart  |  Posted: July 9, 2018

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    For a complete and fulfilling martial arts experience, Lion Budokan Karate International can show the way. 

    Karate is a form of martial art famous throughout the world for its beauty and complexity. But before all the high-flying stunts in Hollywood blockbusters, this Japanese exercise was practiced by both warriors and scholars. Its not only a form of combat sport; both kids and adults can develop self-discipline, respect, and a mind-body balance that can help them in daily life. 

    Lion Budokan Karate International is a global institution in Auckland that teaches the Budokan karate form. Budokan karate is a world-renowned style founded by Grand Master Chew Choo Soot of Malaysia in 1966. Starting his dojo the same year, his fast growing school of students spread the Budokan style to countries such as Germany, India, Saudi Arabia, and Australia.

    Students in Lion Budokan will learn this essential sport to develop their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. Renshi Syed Mohiuddin, the founder and Chief Instructor of the dojo in New Zealand, uses his 30 years of experience to train the next generation of practitioners. Aside from developing fitness and self defence, students learning Budokan Karate will also learn how to grow as team players, to show respect to their masters, and to build focus and confidence. Because the dojo is quite young, they have set out to develop better ties with more experienced masters of other Karate styles in the country.

    Give this growing style of Karate a chance. Your kids will really fall in love with Lion Budokan Karate! For more information on workshops and the Budokan Karate style, visit their website.

    Lion Budokan Karate International is located at 185 New Windsor Road, New Windsor, 600 Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand.

    Dojo Schedule: 

    Monday – Thursday

    06:30PM – 08:30PM


    08:00AM – 10:30AM

    Anti-Bullying and Self Defence Workshop

    An all-day workshop for both kids and adults, students will learn basic Martial Arts, anti-bullying tips and self defence techniques. After this workshop, students would have renewed confidence, better body language, and an improved ability to handle bullies.

    For ages 6 and above. Register here 

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