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By ivan matsumoto  |  Posted: February 16, 2018

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    Ever wondered how cheese was made or always wanted to get hands on kneeding bread dough?

    Elisabeth Fekonia is an award winning, accredited permaculture. 

    “It has been an exciting journey of discovering the lost art of home cheese making, sourdough bread and making wine made of surplus fruit”

    Having been born and raised in Amsterdam, Elisabeth migrated with her family to Australia in 1964 and settled in the suburbs of Brisbane. She claims she didn’t have a country bone in her body growing up but after moving to Queensland, she learned how to spin and knit wool, making her own shoes and clothes… she has fully adopted to the ‘country life’ and she wants to teach others the skills of self reliance in growing and producing their own food. 

    elisabeth fekonia

    Elisabeth set up Permaculture Realfood to educate anyone young or old about organic gardening through various workshops in the Sunshine Coast area. 

    Whether there’ll be a global crisis or not,  being able to produce your own produce is an important life skill especially for our future generation. 


    Available Popular Workshops

    Cheese Making

    cheese making workshops

    Wouldn’t it be cool to finally serve your cheese and crackers with cheese that you’ve made yourself? Kids and families can learn how to make fermented dairy products such as cheddar, brie, feta, haloumi and quark. Also included are culture butter, ghee, yoghurt, kefir and sourcream in three hour workshops. 


    fermentation workshops

    No need to head down to your local baker’s, you’ll be baking your own freshly made bread in no time! Learn how to make your own sourdough bread, sauerkarut, kimchi, fermented fruit paste, miso, tempeh and soy sauce in five different workshops.

    Organic Gardening

    organic gardening courses

    Five different organic gardening courses on offer. Seed saving and seedling raising, building healthy living soil, natural pest and weed control, growing and cooking with tropical vegetables and a design your own edible landscape course. Great activity for the whole family to dig in.

    permaculture produce noosa cheesemaking workshop

    fermentation workshop

    For more information, check out her page on our site for upcoming classes for the whole family

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