7 Benefits of Music Classes for Toddlers

By ivan matsumoto

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    You may or may not have plans to give your child piano or violin lessons. Will sending your little ones to kids music classes make them more intelligent? Perhaps they aren’t going to be the next Mozart or Beyoncé. While there is no evidence that classical music improves intelligence, there is a wealth of evidence suggesting music for kids is beneficial, and starting young is crucial to proving this right.

    So, you might be wondering, how will sending my toddler who can barely speak or move help their development? We have devised the top reasons why music classes for kids or toddlers could be the best investment in their learning.

    1. Improves Academic Skills


    There is a connection between music and mathematics. With music learning, children learn to understand beat, rhythm and scales, all the while in maths kids learn how to divide, create fractions and recognise patterns. For more creative kids, it helps them better understand logic and puzzles when the left and right brain hemispheres are used. As kids get older, they begin to call more on their short and long-term memories which assists them tremendously on their revision.

    2. Fosters Growth and Development


    Throughout their school years, music will continue to shape their development. Pre-schoolers will learn to make up songs in their head which help to develop memory and word meaning. Elementary kids learn to sing together at school which develops unity and friendship. This continues onto their high school years when they might start a band and form stronger bonds with their peers.   

    3. Develops Physical Skills


    Toddlers love to dance and move to music. Dancing is a healthy sign of early learning because it involves moving along to a rhythm which improves their coordination and motor skills. This is important because with enhanced coordination and perfect timing it can prepare them for hobbies like dance and sports.

    4. Cultivates Social Skills


    When a child is in a group, participants require peer interaction and communication, which fosters good teamwork. By practicing active listening, children can learn to adjust their volume, speed, and understand their individual part in a larger ensemble.

    5. Encourages Open-Mindedness


    Music opens doors to other cultures. With each country having its own unique instrument like the djembe from Africa, the sitar from India, the panpipes from South America and more.

     It is important that at a young age, the child is exposed to other cultures because this fosters open-mindedness which extends beyond the ones they know.

    6. Enhances Auditory Learning


    Music exposes young children to help them learn the sounds and meanings of words. It also ignites all areas of child development and skills for school readiness: intellectual, social and emotional, motor, language, and overall literacy.

    7. Sponsors Individuality


    Strengthens motor skills and fosters explores their own individuality and self-expression. If you’re child embraces music, they tend to embrace and accept themselves more.

    Our Verdict

    Immerse your child to music at a young age. Attending babies and toddlers music classes are a good way to bond and nurture their early learning development. Look for the nearest kids music classes and meet other mums and babies. It’s a great investment for their future!


    Music Classes in Australia

    Mini Maestros (Melbourne)



    Mini Maestros creates self-reliant, confident and well-rounded learners. Through music and movement, Mini Maestros provides a nurturing space to develop the whole child, celebrating their social, cognitive, physical and emotional breakthroughs.

    Mini Maestros is Australia’s leading music education program for children 6 months to 5 years of age and provides the highest quality lesson content, developed by early childhood music education experts and delivered by a team of thoroughly trained big-hearted professional music teachers.

    New students are welcome to join at any point in the teaching term, subject to availability.

    For more information

    Boppin’ Babies (Brisbane)

    Boppin’ Babies is a music early learning program designed by a Registered Music Therapist to help babies, toddlers and preschoolers grow into happy, confident children. Our program nurtures development, fosters a love of music and helps you to use music in the home. Having fun through musical play and taking joy in your child’s musical expression is central to our program. All music is played live by our experienced and highly trained staff.

    For more information



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