Kids Classes in Sydney

By ivan matsumoto  |  Posted: October 5, 2017

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    Kids classes in Sydney

    Looking for classes in your area? There are many Kids Classes in Sydney.

    It’s important to give your children the best opportunities in life, whether it be academic, taking up a new hobby or skill or allowing their creativity to flourish. Classes are important to help your kid find out themselves that they are capable of doing more.

    Outside the school curriculum, you can enroll your child to special classes and have them start young.

    See below what your city has to offer:

    Plaster Master Art Centre

    Provides entertainment and arts education for kids. Part art centre and part play space, Plaster Master teaches kids plaster figurine making, clay shaping and decorating, canvas painting, bag design, and other pottery and sewing skills.

    Kid’s Painting Party

    Fully hosted plaster figurine, ceramic or canvas party

    90 minutes duration, minimum of 10 children

    After School Art Classes

    8 weeks after school, from 3:50 pm to 5 pm

    For ages 5 – 10 years old

    Class size: 12

    All materials and aprons will be provided

    For more information on classes and schedules, click here

    Richmond Art Supplies

    Providing weekly art lessons to refine children’s artistic talents in the Hawkesbury local area. The Macquarie Towns Arts Society (MTAS) run classes in Drawing, Oil painting, Acrylics and Watercolour and is available to kids and teenagers after school.

    kids classes in sydney

    Children’s Art Classes (7-15 yrs)

    Monday afterschool

    Wednesday after school

    Teenager’s Art Class (13 – 18 yrs)

    Tuesday after school

    For more info on weekly schedule

    Croydon Art Studio

    Learn to paint and draw. Art classes for children and high school kids

    kids classes in sydney

    Kinder – Year 6 art classes

    Year 7 – Year 10 art classes

    Year 11 – Year 12 (HSC) art classes

    For more info click here

    Begin Bright Tutors

    Their excellent tutoring programs enrichens the lives of children through the power of learning. Their mission, equip every child with the knowledge and skills for their school life and beyond. Parents can be assured that children become happy, smart and confident. 

    kids classes in sydney

    Begin their bright future by applying for a trial class near you today.


    The connection between child and teacher is more important than any curriculum.
    Think of it this way: your 3- or 4-year-old is accustomed to being surrounded by loving people,
    their parents and siblings 24/7, and school is their first time
    spending a large portionof their day away from those people.
    You want to look for a preschool teacher who is very engaged
    Have a conversation with a prospective teacher about their current classroom.
    They should be able to speak about individual students’ strengths and weaknesses
    and be well informed of their background, interests, emotional and academic achievements.
    You want a teacher who takes great pride in his or her students’ progress
    and is consistently open to their improvement.



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