12 Birthday Party Ideas for Kids in Australia

By Hart  |  Posted: May 11, 2018

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    Thinking of the right birthday party ideas for your kids can be fun, but it can also be quite difficult. With so many options that go beyond balloon animals and magic, what are the kinds of parties kids would love to have today? Let us help you jazz up your kid’s special day with these great ideas! (When we say kids, we mean children aged 4-10)


    For ages 4-6


    1. Arts and Crafts

    This is a classic and fun choice for any kids birthday party! Your kids will get to show their creative side and come up with their own party souvenirs for them to display and enjoy at home. From designing mosaic murals to drawing and colouring popular cartoon characters, there are a lot of choices to choose from. You don’t have to worry about supervising the kids as there will be professionals who will guide them through every step.




    2. Safari Tours

    Get closer to the wild side of life with your kids through a safari tour. These tours are a great family experience and will allow kids of any age to see and learn more about the animals that are native here and from other countries. If your kids love the water, you can also go on a fishing safari. Sit back and relax on the boat while your kids have a great time fishing! Prepare appropriately as you may be out for the whole day.




    3. Play Centres

    Built for the most active kids out there, play centres are a great place to run and jump all day in a safe, indoor environment. This is also a great social activity as your children can interact and compete with their playmates through obstacles, ball pits and slides. Most establishments offer snacks and drinks for everyone, and some even have cafes for the adults to stay in and watch over their children.



    4. Zoo Tours


    While safari tours are quite adventurous, local zoos are a great alternative for nature loving kids. The whole family can come along for the tour or you can also include some of your kids’ friends. Animal attractions are plentiful, ranging from colourful birds, adorable pandas and penguins, to scaly reptiles such as snakes and lizards. Kids can get a different kind of learning through the guided shows; some shows will even allow people to feed or pet the animals. This idea is recommended for younger kids, but anyone can enjoy a great time at the zoo.




    5.Cooking and Baking


    This special event will surely be a treat for any kid! Who would say no to baking their own delectable cookies and cupcakes, or to cooking up their own mouthwatering dishes? Kids can get creative and experiment with different ingredients and cooking tools under the careful watch of skilled chefs. Helping your kid along on his junior chef journey can build his confidence, as well as encourage him to start healthy eating habits. 



    Gourmet Kids


    Come and Cook

    Yummilicious Cookery


    What’s 2 Eat

    Learn to cook up something nutritious and delicious at Homefresh Experience Cooking. Find one in a city near you. 



    6. Music Party


    Whoever loves music should seriously consider this funky party idea. Every birthday party needs music to keep the fun and energy flowing, but this unique experience puts it front and center. Instead of professional hosts and musicians serenading or dancing to a beat, they will hand over their instruments to the kids for them to come up with their own dance or musical numbers. Meanwhile, there are also disco-themed parties where DJs can spin the right music for a fun-filled boogie night!



    7. Museum Visits 

    Sure, a tour through the local art gallery or nature exhibit can get boring, but younger children will light up with awe and curiosity! Create unforgettable memories by taking a trip through the latest museum attractions. Some of the more popular features include trick-art scenarios, wax statues of famous people and historical aircraft. To avoid the hassle of lining up for tickets, book your passes early online.




    Gold Coast

    The Wax Museum



    For ages 8-10


    8. Indoor Sports

    Exciting and competitive, indoor sports arenas are fast becoming the preferred birthday venue for older, more athletic kids. This party idea is perfect for groups of six or more; even the adults can join in some of the games, as long as they don’t play rough! Some of the sports that are commonly played include indoor soccer, netball and a kids’ favourite, dodge ball. Remind everyone to bring an extra set of clothes, an extra bottle of water and lots of energy!



    Rebound Indoor Sports




    9. Trampoline Parks


    Are indoor sports too tame for your hyper kid? Aim sky high then with these adrenaline-fueled adventure arenas! Trampoline parks come jam-packed with the trappings an aspiring aerial artist needs: smaller, younger kids can enjoy the small trampolines and foam pits, whilst the older, more experienced ones can bounce around the free-jump stations, slam dunk on basketball rims, and climb on foam walls with safety and ease. Some arenas even include obstacle courses to encourage ninja or hero training! Staff members are always on standby for emergencies, so you can rest easy and enjoy the day!


    Jump for joy and get active at the Air Factory Trampoline Park. Find one in a city near you.


    Gold Coast

    Get some air time and feel the breeze with BOUNCE Inc. Find one in a city near you.


    Airodrome Trampoline Park (Altona)


    Sky High Indoor Trampoline

    Boing Trampoline Park




    10. DIY Photo Booth

    The moments you share with your child on his birthday must be unforgettable. For a memorable party that’s friendly on the pocket, you can set up a simple photo booth and a chest full of costumes for your kids and his friends to have fun with! You can start by coming up with many different themes (superheroes vs pirates, anyone?), then follow it up with designing your own frames, props and backdrops. Borrowing a polaroid camera is easy as it’s quite popular, but a simple point-and-shoot or a cellphone camera would do as well. If you need more tips on how to set up the photo booth, there are many amazing guides that you can find online. 


    Find snazzy costumes and flower crowns without breaking the bank. Find a rental or store in a city near you.





    ABC Costume Hire


    BLOOM Flower Crowns



    11. Teepee Slumber Party

    Another simple idea to celebrate is to invite your kid’s friends over the weekend for a slumber party. This will not be your normal “chips and movies” kind of night- go all out with a DIY teepee sleepover with matching mattresses, beddings and pillows! The great thing about this idea is that the materials you will need for the setup are quite cheap and readily available at your local department store. You can even arrange the teepee tents and beds to look like a real pow wow! Loads of junk food and exciting movies will be in demand throughout the night, so it’s best you stock up a few hours before everyone settles in.


    Plan a hassle-free teepee slumber party with Sweet Dreams and Goodnight! Find one in a city near you.





    12. Nerf Gun Wars 

    Teens these days are very much into paintball and laser tag for the thrill of taking on their friends in team-based competition. A choice more appropriate for kids is the fast foam darts of Nerf guns. These toys are cheap and can be found in many toy stores. When organizing this kind of game, make sure that the playing field is wide enough to fit all of the players; you can even add objects like boxes, chairs and tables to serve as cover. Game rules can be as varied as you want them to be: a good beginner’s game for first timers are Take the Flag or Team Elimination. Safety and sportsmanship should be observed at all times and this game is best played with older kids.


    Gear up on Nerf guns at the toy store. Find one in a city near you.



    Red Rocket Toy Store

    The Toy Stop


    The Lighthouse Toy Shop



    There you have it, a list of great birthday party ideas you can try out for your son or daughter! These plans will surely give your child a great birthday experience.

    Want to look for more information to plan a great party? Check out our City Guides to look for suppliers and venues near you.

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