Top Birthday Party Ideas for Kids in New Zealand

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    It’s safe to say that everyone has had many birthday parties as a kid. Call it magical, memorable, spectacular: with the right party ideas and planning, any kids birthday party could be all these things and more. And as a great parent, we’re pretty sure you’d want what’s best for your kids!

    But what if you’re having trouble picking the right ideas for that birthday party? Don’t fret, as we have listed down the best ideas today for your kid’s birthday party! (When we say kids, we mean children aged 4-10)

    For ages 4-6

    Arts and Crafts

    The simplest and most cost-effective birthday party idea for kids, you can have your child’s friends come over for some fun painting or coloring sessions. Some art studios even have party packages perfect for this occasion, so its best to ask what suppliers can help you with. If your supplier doesn’t provide for food, then that’s alright; you can buy some pizza or pasta the kids care share over.


    Clay It!

    Bouncy Castles


    Young kids can be very energetic, but this next idea is definitely what party planners would give for the hyperactive ones! Bouncy castles come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and colours. Many castle designs feature popular characters like Disney castles and Thomas the Tank Engine, while others feature fun but engaging obstacle courses. Before agreeing on the party package, make sure that the supplier can send professionals to help set up the castle and ensure the safety of the whole set up.   


    Play Centres

    A staple in most cities, most play centres offer choices for kids birthday parties and events. Not only will kids be able to stretch out and run around in relative safety, but parents can also conveniently watch over them. Some centres have in-house cafes where adults can stay to eat, drink coffee or talk to other customers.


    Children’s My Science Play Room

    Have a blast running and jumping around the playgrounds of Chipmunks Playland & Cafe! Find one in a city near you.


    Costume Parties

    This party choice is perfect for those who love cartoon and movie characters. Even though we slotted this one for the younger kids, we think that the much older ones would have as much fun with this as well! Similar to the arts and crafts birthday party idea, this can be as wallet-friendly as you’d want it to be. Kids can come in with their favorite costume like its Halloween, or you can hire a costume rental to provide with the latest masks, capes and onesies kids would love! 


    For ages 8-10

    Trampoline Parks

    If bouncy castles are still not enough for your young athlete, we recommend that you have this sky-high adventure ready for his special day! Trampoline parks can cater to any sort of need high flyers would need. Small trampolines and foam walls can already be fun for smaller children. But the older, more experienced ones will have a blast: they can dunk like a pro on basketball rims, climb walls designed like rock climbing experiences, and practice aerial martial arts in the free-jump zone. If safety is a concern for you, don’t worry, as there will be officials ready to assist in cases of emergency.

    Fly through the air and defy the odds at Gravity NZ Trampoline Park. Find one in a city near you.

    Uptown Bounce is here to elevate the fun in your parties. Find one in a city near you.


    Indoor Sports

    Netball, indoor soccer, rugby, and dodge ball- these are just some of the indoor sports growing kids can take up for their birthday party! Your child and their friends can meet up at the nearby indoor sports center and play six-on-six for hours on end. You can plan to have other indoor sports as well, but this is really dependent on the size and kind of facilities available. The more kids who can join, the better! 


    Ice Skating

    Possibly the “coolest” idea on this list, enjoying a time in frozen paradise isn’t such a bad idea. Kids of all ages and sizes regardless of skill can get into skating. But you know what’s better than smoothing over ice on awesome skates? Smoothing over ice while wearing themed costumes! Imagine seeing someone come as Elsa, Anna or Olaf- that would make the party ten times better! Many skating rinks have party packages available, so its best to ask and book as soon as you can.

    Fulfill your Ice King or Frost Queen fantasies through Paradice Ice Skating. Find one in a city near you.


    So remember: when planning for your kid’s birthday party, have a list of these ideas with you, put your parental hard hat on, and have lots of fun! We wish you good luck and a great party with the whole family.

    If you need more ideas and information on how to plan an unforgettable birthday party, visit our City Guides to look for suppliers and venues nearest you.

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