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By Hart  |  Posted: July 20, 2018

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    Karate for Kids is more than just for being active and fun. Its also a lifelong journey of success and humility.

    Learning a martial art can be exciting and very rewarding. Your child would be able to reap a lot of benefits if he started learning one or two forms; of course, the younger you are, the better it is as you climb the ranks. But kids of all ages stand to benefit from these ancient fighting styles.

    One extremely popular martial art is Karate, a Japanese form of Chinese self-defence that was first taught more than 150 years ago. Famous because of its depictions in Western film, its evolution as a system shows no signs of slowing down.

    Karate for Kids is considered one of the top training centres in and around the city of Sydney. Their qualified Black Belt instructors are highly trained specialists with years of experience training children. These learned masters will help your kids develop an understanding of personal safety through their positive example, upstanding character, and courageous will.

    More than the technical aspects of Karate, the dojo hopes that your kids would be able to grow in confidence, focus, physical and mental co-ordination, and the ability to empower others. Joining Karate for Kids involves slotted into a specific class, according to age group:

    Ninja Kids (ages 4-5 years)

    This rank develops the listening skills, communication skills, ability to follow directions, and the value of sharing, while keeping training light and fun.

    Samurai Kids (ages 6-7 years)

    Helps in building further foundation in the art of Karate. Promotes self-esteem and confidence, co-operation, teamwork, goal setting, and self-protection skills. Training is more focused and faster paced.

    Shogun Kids (ages 8-11 years)

    Focuses on teaching social skills, increasing physicality, setting and achieving goals, concentration, positive interaction with others, and intermediate self-defence skills.

    Teens (ages 12 and up)

    Image result for Karate teens (ages 12 and up)

    The highest level in the ranks. Builds greater concentration, helps to develop a higher self-awareness, improving self-defence, how to handle peer pressure, better confidence, and social interaction.


    Help Develop your Child’s Potential with Karat for Kids!

    For your free trial and for more information on the dojo’s programs, head on over to their website.

    Karate for Kids is located at Lady Game Community Kindergarten, Corner of Bradfield Road and Moore Avenue, West Lindfield, 2070 Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

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